Pearl of Wisdom No.82 - Digital Detoxing

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

I'm sure you've read, seen or heard about how smart phones, tablets and even too much TV is turning humanity into unsocial techno zombies who can't live with out there devices by their side right? Did you ever consider that it could also be influencing how you identified yourself with the world and the affect that has on your well being and self esteem ?

Social networking sites like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook constantly inundate us with pictures of idealised lives and no doubt you're already familiar with the feelings of envy and worthlessness that they invoke in us all from time to time, looking at some ones highlights and comparing them to our worst day, wishing for a more whimsical life full of adventure that oozes style and perfection!

We've all done it and we've all felt worse about our life and who/what we represent to the people around us. It all hinges on everyone's perception of the real world but sometimes it can get too much, we can't separate our thoughts and beliefs about what we are being presented with in these images from reality, we get an overload of feeling insignificant and unworthy and our belief in ourself plummets to an ugly place. I don't need to bang on any more about how unhealthy this is for us so lets get stuck in to some ways of unplugging our digital life, getting back to the core of who we are and what we stand for, and come home to our true self.

Find Comfort in - the little things
Firstly, when it all gets too much put that phone/tablet down and turn off that computer/TV, shut off or close any negative influences from the media around you. Next take some time and this can be as much or as little as you have to spare to really indulge in something that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside and spreads a smile across your face. In our house our go to feel good things are reading, dance parties, cooking together, funny cat videos (I will allow you anything on YouTube that makes you laugh out load!) walks in the wood and an early night - that last one is super boring but don't ever underestimate the power of a good nights sleep!
What are or could be your feel good comfort things? 

Get Inspired by - the very thing that cause you to feel bad
All those images that are feeding the negativity in you, try turning the impact it has on you on it's head and use them to inspire you instead - a picture of a dress, home, destination or lifestyle that you envy or aspire to have, find out more about it, the person who posted it - who are they, what do they do, how did their life unfold, can they offer any wisdom or advice? Use what normally cause you despair to motivate you to move closer to your dreams, goals and wishes!

Nourish yourself with - time away from your phone
One of the best ways to feel good about you is to immerse yourself into something you're passionate about - which doesn't use technology! Maybe you can book a language course or start a yoga class, you may want to dedicate some time volunteering for your favourite cause or learn to sew, you could also get stuck in to renovating your garden/home or organise a meet up with your friends. Doing something just for you that gives you a feel good glow will banish any doubts you have about yourself and make sure you regularly block time off in your diary to do this.

Challenge your world by - a device detox
OK those words may have struck terror in your heart and you're thinking how could I possible live without my phone/tablet/Netflicks but I guarantee you will feel better afterwards even if it's just for a day - here are my top tips for detoxing from technology
  • Talk to the people you live and work with, let them know your intentions and ask them to try and avoid tweeting/tagging you while you are doing it.
  • Decide how much or how little you want to unplug for, it may be just for a day or an hour, you may want to give up using devices at the dinner table or you may want to go with out for a whole week (yikes!) You set the bar and this makes it more attainable, baby steps!
  • Encourage others to join in, maybe other friends or other family members can get involved, you could also start phone free lunches or an unplugged afternoon at work and use the time to team build with you colleagues.
So I hope this has left you feeling inspired, for me although having a smart phone, a tablet or a laptop is all part of the blogging world and an important part of my day job as well as how I communicate with friends and family, it can also be a massive distraction and something that brings negativity in to my world, especially when I start comparing my world and my journey to others and when that starts to take over my well being it really is so simple and easy to just switch off!

Share in the conversation and let me know you thoughts and feelings on this...


  1. As a blogger & someone with family living all over the world, social media & technology definitely have their benefits but I do often feel like it's impossible to switch off. I feel as though I am constantly on call, which in turn causes stress. Over christmas, I found myself using my phone less and less and I really enjoyed it, You've definitely inspired me to switch off, even if only for an afternoon! Thanks lovely, great post xx

    1. Glad it's inspired you a little Becca, just small changes make a big difference I think!

  2. I think it's so so important these days to get your head out of technology. I always feel so much better just having a day out somewhere where I can't get a signal on my phone. I still end up taking photos to remember the day by but I'm not stopping every few minutes to share the photos on socil media :)

    Yasmin xx

    1. So true Yasmin, when we're out as a family I'm making more of an effort to keep my phone in my bag, especially when we're in a restaurant but like you I can't help getting it out to take some snaps of our girls!