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365 Pearls of Wisdom is a well-being blog written by me, Karen Cannon, focusing on wisdom that inspires you to step forward when life is feeling impossible...

Often when you feel stuck in life it's hard to look ahead and know which way to go or find a path that will get you out of a rut. When you learn how to invest in yourself, navigate your ups and downs and use your hopes, dreams and passions as your own personal bench mark you gain the wisdom to lead your most contented life.

These days I'm most passionate about leading my best life possible because I've not always had that know how to do so. It's taken me some pretty rough ups and downs in life to get to know who I am, what I stand for and how to take care of my mind, my body and my soul and not drive the people around me crazy, and I'm still working on myself - EVERY. DAY.

So now as a mama of two little girls I think a lot about passing on that kknowledge and experience and what I've learnt from all the adventures I've had becoming a woman and navigating life, this blog is inspired by them and is driven by my desire to share that wisdom with them.

Each Pearl of Wisdom posted on the blog gives insight, ideas and inspiration to get unstuck, face those darkest days and deal with the ever changing flow of life. Whether you are mother, daughter, sister or friend, you'll find something here that will keep you motivated to find the wisdom you've been searching for to be the woman you want to be and live a life that feels like yours.


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  1. Hey! I found your blog from your comment on sayyes.com. I'm so glad I did! We have a lot in common (motherhood wise), here is a link to my blog :) http://www.lifesbettertogether.com/ I can't wait to read more on your blog!
    -your newest follower-

  2. Hey Char - I've just left you a comment on your blog, your journey pretty much mirrors mine with a missed miscarriage and on going secondary fertility issues, do get in contact if you ever want to chat x