Pearl of Wisdom No. 81 - Taking Care of You

Monday, 19 October 2015

We all go through wobbles about who we are, what we represent or how the world see us, I know I do and it can cause all kinds of crazy and toxic feelings with in ourselves, if you're feeling a bit blah about where you are in life and what your identity says to the world, this pearl of wisdom is for you. Write it down in your dairy, type it into your phone or on a sticky note stuck to your computer or bathroom mirror and refer back to it's message when ever you need a reminder that YOU are in control of your life and YOU get to define it, so get out there and start being who you truly want to be.

Find comfort in - Friendship

Last weekend we took a road trip to Somerset for a whirlwind visit of family and friends and I got to spend not enough time with my gal pal and blogging buddy Lizzie of Lizzie Somerset. I truly miss this lady and she was full of wise words about being a mum and balancing family life with pursuing your passions. She reminded me that life is a marathon and that doing your best is what matters.

If your week is giving you grief I highly recommend talking out with your closest, arrange a lunch date, do something silly or relax at your favourite quiet spot and just talk it out.

Get inspired by - Books

I'm useless at reading books, I start them but never finish and my hubby gets fed up of them piling up in the bedroom so I'm trying to make a real effort to get through them. Because I've been feeling a bit blue with the lack of time to pursue my passions I've started to read Katie Piper's Things Get Better, I was lucky enough to meet her in person a few years ago and her wisdom and grace is enchanting and this book is a must for anyone dealing with life hurdles.

Turn to your favourite book this week if you need a pick me up or invest in something new to get your creative juices flowing or solve your current crisis.

Nourish yourself with - Friendly Bacteria

We've already been hit with a winter vomiting bug in our house, or maybe it was the end of summer bug? Anyway it was enough to put everyone's tummy and appetite into disarray and with cold and flu season upon us too over use of antibiotics can also upset the balance of the digestive system so show yourself some love, make friends with your health and put some good bacteria back into your body. Don't be fooled by those yoghurt drinks either, they are full of sugar and counter productive!

Stop in to your local health food shop this week and speak to an advisor about probiotics,
they can be a little pricey but definitely worth the investment for better health.

Challenge your world - Cutting out sugar

Following on from good digestive health this week I am going to try and cut my sugar consumption again. Not only does an overload of the sweet stuff feed bad bacteria but it encourages yeast and fungal growth, sugary cravings, energy spikes and bad looking skin, not to mention the empty calories that set up home on your hips and thighs! Last time I did a sugar challenge I documented my success (and failures!) on Instagram and I'm doing it again so follow me there to see how I get on.

What could you give up this week to shake things up a bit and challenge your world? Or maybe you could take something up instead like a fitness class or a new hobbies? If you fancy quitting or reducing sugar like me then Sarah Wilson's Website is a must.


For true friendships that lift you higher ~ For new friendships with special connections ~ For time to rediscover my passions ~ For Peppermint Lattes ~ For getting a bit more sleep ~ For a understanding husband who mends me when I break, always ~  For new patent leather Oxford shoes with cute buckles and in Mulberry of all colours! ~ For time with my big girl, watching her learn to read....
... all these things I am truly thankful for this week.

Don't forget to share a little bit of gratitude with the world too!


  1. Amazing post Karen, I am so pleased you are back and with one hell of a post! Def going to get myself some probiotics been abit run down this week. It was so wonderful to see you the other week, I miss our chats so much. We really must FaceTime instead. Keep up the blogging, you're wonderful xo

    1. I've just seen your comment Lizzie! I miss our chats too be we will be making up for lost time this weekend! X