Pearl of Wisdom No.83 - Making resolutions

Friday, 22 January 2016

Is January meant to be a fresh start for you or do you believe that new year, new you is a load of rubbish? Where do you stand on resolutions?

Did you know that only 8% of people who make New Years resolutions actually achieve them? However statistics also show that people who specifically make resolutions are 10 times more likely to be success at achieving their goals and plans! 

Now we're half way through this month already, it feels like January is just slipping away and February is just around the corner! For me that may be because I have a jam packed month ahead which I don't feel anywhere near prepared for, maybe for you it's because you still haven't quite settled on what you want from the year ahead. Maybe you wanted to set some intentions, focus on finding your passion or commit to something that will bring you one step closer to your goals and dreams, or maybe you don't know what you want from life this year so you wanted to spend some time mulling it all over and feeling a bit stuck - if this sounds like you then stick with me my friend!

And if you did lay down some resolutions and devised out a yearly plan, how's that going so far - feeling fabulous or like a failure about it all?

I think the end of January is a good first of many pit stops to step back a bit and reflect on what's happened before and then look to the future again. Have you tried this before? It's a bit like doing a mini life audit and in this post I'm going to give you a few ideas on how to do it....

An exercise in reflection

Take a note book or a just a piece of paper and write down the 4 most significant things that happened last year that changed you - good or bad. 

Which had the most positive impact on you and why?

Is there one that had a negative impact, why?

Now ask yourself these 3 questions:
  • Do you now feel better in yourself for these experiences?
  • Have any of them bought you closer to what you imagined your true self to be?
  • Are any of these experiences currently leading you to a positive place this year?

So, hopefully now you have a clearer picture of what last year meant for you - what left you with a glow, what challenged you for the better or worse, if anything left you feeling a little stuck or undone and given you some food for thought on what you now want to focus on for the year ahead.

Ideas for visioning forward

Theme - This is where you set a theme or a feeling of what you want this year to be about or mena to you. I've set a theme to my year for the last two January's, it's a nice alternative to a resolution or intention, doesn't require as much thought and is a bit simpler to follow, write the words down in your diary or frame them on the wall to remind you. My Theme words this year are Organise, Focus, Connect, Invest - take a look at my 2016 theme board on Pinterest to get some more inspiration and ideas.

Mood Board - Following on from above you can create your own 2016 theme or mood board on Pinterest or maybe you'd like to try it old school style and cut out words and picture from magazines
 and books that align with your vision and get crafting for some extra inspiration.

Journal - I've been journalling on and of since I was a teenager, when I want to get thoughts and ideas out of my head to make some sense of them I find this so helpful. Treat yourself to a brand new journal for the year ahead and try to keep it close by, just writing your intentions down will bring you one step closer.

Setting intentions - For me this is a bit like manifesting what you want, you can set your intentions in so many different ways and it's a more realistic way of making a change than a resolution. For example instead of "I want/am going to loose weight" (resolution) you change it to "I intend to do 20 minutes of yoga twice a week" or "I will strive to half my sugar intake" (Intentions). Then spend some time writing down a little plan of how you might achieve them, what would you need to do each week to keep to your intentions? Making your new years goal more specific, measurable and simplistic you are more likely to achieve it.

Resolution buddy - There's no better way to become accountable to making a change or forming a new habit then to put it out in to the world! Team up with a friend who has the same goal, start a group dedicated to your new resolutions, create an Instagram account that showcases your new year theme or join a class with others that helps you keep your intentions on track.

Feeling inspired, clearer, less burdened about the year ahead?

Do share what YOU come up with in the comments below, on Instagram and Twitter - tag me in or use the #visioningforward


  1. Great post. I've never made resolutions but may I should use your tips and start. I may find I get further in life. Thank you for sharing your advice.☺

  2. Hey Sharon - thanks for you sweet words! Resolutions have become a cliche recently which I think is a shame, what ever way you do it I think setting goals and planning for the future is the key to finding your way! X