Pearl of Wisdom No.79 - Why Change doesn't have to be scary...

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Finally, spring is here, and the flowers are starting to bloom - as always, the change of this season brings with it the promise of new beginnings, so could this be the time to embrace a few new beginnings of your own? 

Now most of the time something new means change and that is such a sticking point for so many people. Change in your career or job position, change in you family relationships or love life and change with your body, health or financial well-being. When the normal path of life takes a different and sometimes an unexpected turn things can start to get a bit wobbly and we feel all out of sorts right?

But, what if this season we made ourselves one step ahead of change, what if we embraced it, used it to our advantage?

Experiencing change can mean so many things though - a new adventure or perspective or maybe it could be a chance to slow down and take a breather, re-evaluate things. It could also be a chance to learn, gain and build on something that already exists. Change could be a chance to face your fears or deal with something that has been weighing you down for years, is it time to bite the built, turn in to the storm? Maybe it's something that could invite in a freshness to your life, something to inspire yourself, even better maybe change could be something you use to help and serve others who need some change in their life too?! Oh the possibilities of change!! 

You see change doesn't have to be scary or awkward, it doesn't need to be defined only by scary or uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, it can be something that you can mould and carve to your advantage, it can mean anything you choose it to mean. So with the changing of season, what changes do you want to make, are you going to make? What changes are you going to face up to that will see something blooming in your life this spring?

You might want to think about who or what can help with these changes, especially if or when the going gets tough, what safety nets could you put in place? Maybe right a plan for how to handle a tricky or negative change or talk to others who have experienced something similar, if you look around you I bet you could pin down someone who could share some wisdom with you! 

I'm so ready to make some changes now too and I'm going to take some risk here on the blog also. I'm not sure what they will look like yet but I'm feeling like something here is ready to be different, for example Pearls of Wisdom will be still be posted regularly but not always every Monday, I'm finding that the Monday deadline is restricting things a little at the moment! I'm very excited to shake things up a bit in all areas of my life but it's still feels overwhelming, but I am definitely not one to let that hold me back - let the new adventures begin! 

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