Pearl of Wisdom No.80 - making mistakes...

Monday, 15 June 2015

Exactly Joan! And who hasn't made a mistake at some point in their life right?!

So why do we still feel paralysed by making them, enough to the point of not doing or living in a way that means something to us.

Recently we've been taking a step back and letting our girls make a few innocent and harmless mistakes, just to teach and guide them how to handle their thoughts and feeling around doing so. We've encouraged LC to keep practising when she is leaning a new skill, song or game and gets it wrong and trying not to instantly rush to the smallest babe when she stumbles a bit or can't get a shape in the sorter the first time. More importantly we as their parents have been trying to own our mistakes, apologise for them if necessary, but sometimes not make a big deal out of getting things wrong - who cares if dinner is late because mum forgot to put the veggies on or we forgot it was bath night or daddy dressed the baby in the wrong outfit (you can see how our days pan out in this house!) We are trying to teach the girls that it's OK to make mistakes, to embrace them and learn from them too so they are not overwhelmed or restricted by them as adults and by allowing them to grow from them, we're growing too!

Let's start a conversation - how do you deal with mistakes?

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