Steps to finding your Mojo when it's MIA!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

My blogging mojo has seriously been missing lately, I've found it a bit of a struggle getting back in to the swing of planning, creating and writing for the blog, but here I am, second post of the week! (Do check out the first - this weeks Pearl of Wisdom)

With the run up to Christmas upon us and distractions a plenty like shopping, partying and deciding whether its gonna be turkey, ham or a nut loaf (this is a real life discussion in my family!) it's easy to find yourself getting off course with the things that matter to you and anything that takes you away from your passion and dreams, anything that distracts from taking care of you will leave you feeling frustrated, even down right disheartened.

So here are my top tips to getting that mojo back to the party...

I'm guessing whether it's Christmas, a deadline, lack of sleep or some other thing in your life that is major taking over time is against you right now and your finding it hard to make me time a priority. No me time equals no motivation, no space to be inspired and certainly not much room to think or do. So when your strapped for time try doing the things that make you stay sparkly and fresh on a smaller basis - paint your nails at home, plan outfits the night before, ask others to help with the boring stuff so can quickly get to the things that make you tick or maybe write, make or bake for just an hour instead of your usual all nighter, maybe even try out on your mid morning tea break or the commute instead if you know you have a busy evening ahead, only if it's safe though! The point is to keep a toe dipped in to whatever gives you your mojo until life gets back to normal and that way you don't feel such a big loss.

Here's a quick and simple one, when you really have no time or space for you, take or find pictures of what you love, are working on or want to achieve and put them up as little reminders to keep you moving forward - on your fridge, in your diary, at work or on the bathroom mirror, still having that reminder will automatically keep you pushing forward and you'll find you stay focused on getting back that mojo thats been missing.

If you can't do, read! This has helped me so much to get back my blogging mojo, even though I couldn't write or create as all my time was naturally going on my family and our house move in those early days of a newborn with multiple feeds and cuddles through the nights I found snippets of ten, fifteen minutes here and there as she was drifting in to sleep to keep reading about blogging, branding, SEO and using instagram and twitter to stay in the loop. This kept my passion alive and I was still learning even though I couldn't write much and having a notebook to hand made sure all my ideas and thoughts weren't lost for when I was finally ready to get back to it. What could you read to help you stay focused when life gets chaotic?

Lastly if you are really find yourself run down, low and just not feeling like you any more, there are two important things to do that will definitely help, 1) Take care of you - it's as simple as that. Whether that means more rest, eating better or a long soak in the bath say no to the outside world and others demands and invest in you, no excuses, just do it! 2) If your feeling a bit lost and can't find that twinkle you once had try something new or different - go to work or do the school run on a different route, try a new recipe or a new look, spend your weekends or spare time volunteering, join a local club or activity meet, I could go on forever here but you get the point, anything that can bring out a different side of you and help you feel like you're living life again, be brave and try it!

So, feeling better, inspired, like your can navigate your way back to your mojo?
I hope so! Drop me line in the comments below about what you finds helps when your mojo in MIA, you may just help to inspire someone else!

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