Feel Good Friday - The sugar challenge.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Last Saturday we got back from our holiday in Italy, feeling exhausted and sluggish on the Sunday from too much delicious Italian treats I decided to set myself a challenge for the week to see if I could reduce my sugar intake, I also wanted to try to limit the rest of the family too and my OH got right on board, we had seen a lot of unwanted behaviour from Miss LC whilst away and thought maybe it was connected to how much sugar/additives she had over indulged in.

So, we swapped treats for healthy snacks for LC (there was some slight protest from her but she did like her alternatives also!) and my OH has given up his daily dose of the purple chocolate and and decided to only have a few beers at the weekend - yay a positive start from the family! I also decided to gently reduce my intake each day without going too overboard and record my progress in a journal and on Instagram.

By actually recording what I did and how I felt I've been able to really reflect on how I've managed, measure my progress and commit to myself in making a difference, I gave myself no set goals or outcomes, only to do my best in giving up sugar and make a real effort to reduce my intake. I have also found some great resources to help in the way of blogs, websites and recipes, take a look...

Sarah Wilson's website - I Quit Sugar
This fab YouTube clip from Gabrielle Bernstein about changing your diet.
A great article from Women's Health website on cutting back added sugar.
Kate Harris lovely Blog - Kate Quits Sugar
I'm also going to invest in James Duigan's Clean and Lean Pregnancy Guide as a long term maintenance tool/resource to keep me fit and healthy for the rest of my pregnancy and beyond, let me know if you have read it too! 

I still have a few days left on my challenge, I'm off to Blognix with my gorgeous friend Gemma from Mission 2 Mum tomorrow and I'm not sure how well I will hold up on this challenge, especially with a promise of bake off's and cocktail tasting but I'm determined to not go too overboard, let's see how I get on! 

So do you fancy challenging yourself to make a difference?
What would you do to help stay on track? 
Do share any thoughts or tips below! 

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