Beating those post holiday blues.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

 If you're like me a holiday away from your everyday life is something to revel in and completely embrace - change of scene, food, weather and routine really is an adventure for me, I love experiencing the new and the different and I love broadening my horizons. However when it's time to come home I'm often struck down with the holiday blues and struggle to get back to real life and my everyday again.

This week we're away it Italy on our annual family holiday, a bit of baby-moon for us before we become a family of four. I know despite how much fun we will have I'll come back at the weekend and be as blue as the sky by the time I sit down to the laptop Monday morning, I can guarantee you this slump will last best part of the week too.

So with this in mind I'm thinking ahead and getting prepared and making myself a comfort list of things to help me beat those post holiday blues...

Picture Perfect
We always take hundreds of pictures on holiday and then get home and do nothing with them! This time I'm gonna break that habit and spend time organising them and printing out a few of my favourites to display around the house, I'm hoping this will help me keep that holiday feeling long after it ends.

Indulge in my post holiday body
I love the glow my body has after a break away and god knows this pregnant mama needs a bit of a body boost right now! I'm planning to make that glow last a long as possible this time by keeping my skin and hair well hydrated after a week of sun and treating myself to some indulgent products to slather on. I think a nice manicure/pedicure in a bright summer colour will help to keep me feeling lively also. The time I spend investing me will also help me feel more relaxed also indulging in some space each day to devote to me will hopefully feel like I'm back at the spa!

Being a book worm
One thing myself and the OH have always done when we go away is take a pile of books, pre children we would get through 4 or 5 on holiday, now we're lucky if we get through 2. However we take turns to have time to ourselves to read a little and I have to admit I probably get a bit more than him as he spends a good proportion of our holidays in the pool with LC, they live to swim on holiday! So anyway my goal this year is to keep up my reading habit, it's slipped loads lately and I still have my stack of books on the bedside table from the beginning of the year! I'm going make time each week to have some space to read and focus on books that keep me energised and uplifted (do recommend any you think are a good read at the bottom of this post!).

Catch my dreams
Whenever I'm away I always get inspired by my new surroundings, I'll get a taste of how I want my life to be or a feel of what I want to do or achieve in the future. I'm making note of all these ideas, hopes and feelings when they happen by having a notebook with me whilst we visit and explore Rome, I'm capturing these with pictures if I can and collecting tokens that I find that represent them too. When I get home I intend to organise, collect and write down all these things and turn them in to a step by step planner for me on how to keep my dream and goals alive, a go to book or journal of what I can do or change to incorporate these feelings in to my lifer hat I can keep reading and be invigorate and motivated by.

And that's it these are my tips, ideas and comfort list of things I can do to stop the holidays blues from creeping in, I intend to follow up at some point and let you know how I get on. If you have anymore tips or ideas I can use do share in the comment section below....


  1. Mine is to leave your home super clean and unpack right away so you can relax and enjoy being home as quickly as possible.

  2. Hello! Try not to think that you WILL have holiday blues, plan Ming as you are will definitely help.....I've let my reading slip recently too, but have just read The Rosie Project, wonderful!
    You've also just reminded me to book a hair appointment, so thank you! Have a fabulous holiday, xxx