My Giving Up Sugar Challenge

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Today I'm coming back for a final update - it's been a whole week now since I set myself a challenge to give up sugar and I've been looking back over the week and reflecting on my progress.

I've had some highs and some lows and I've learnt a lot about how sugar effects our body and mind and where it lies hidden in the food and products we buy, it's certainly been an eye opener!

My actually ability to cut out sugar has been mixed, I'll admit there's been a few days when it's been difficult and I've wanted to indulge (yesterday at Blognix being one of them!) especially in times of high stress levels and cutting sugar out of every meal has been almost impossible for our family, however what's been interesting is how we've changed the way we all snack and this has been the biggest out come of my little challenge.

Cutting out the sugary snacks has been such a benefit for all of us, LC's behaviour has improved and she's taking an interest in what food is good for her little body, my OH has found some enthusiasm to get back on the fit band wagon after 6 weeks of being out of action with a fractured wrist, he's making his small diet changes too and lastly I've seen now how sugary my own snacking has been, even when I thought I was being healthy...

So at the end of challenge week we're committing to snacking more cleanly and mindful and my hope is to now be more aware of how much sugar we are having at meal time too, just being able to reduce a bit there too will be great too!

Do you have any sugar free tips you can share here with us?
Maybe you have a favorite reduced sugar recipe I could try out?
Drop me a line or leave a comment below! 

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