Monday's Moment of Wisdom - Pearl Number 53

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

I know that I have found fulfilment. I have an object in life, a task ... a passion. - George Sand

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the future and not in a pregnancy/baby kind of way. In fact I have been focusing on me more and what I'm all about, my passions, my ideas, my goals, I have always felt like I had a story to tell or a message to bring to the world but I could never quite figure how, or what and even when...

Over the last week I've had a few light bulb moments, it's been phenomenal really because all of a sudden I can see my life, my world so much more clearly. This isn't me saying I have all the answers now, oh no, it's more like a vision of how things should be or rather what it is I can do to feel fulfilled and contented with my life.

Somethings are big, too big to talk about right now as lots of details need to be looked at and plans put in place. Others are medium sized like surrounding myself more with people who only ever lift me, I have met quite a few of them lately who get me, who understand me, who are living similar lives and inspire me to be my best. And simple things like using my diary to really organise my week and get the best out of my time, I started putting some things in to place last week and already I feel like I'm being more productive for myself but for family life too.

It's not been easy to get to this point though, we have had a summer full of decisions and tough choices to make, I have been working on my emotional intelligence and mental resilience through my fertility treatment which has had me looking at my diet too and I discovered that it really has a massive effect on my mood and skin, more than anything else. I've also been reading a lot about how others have been figuring out their best lives for themselves which has provided no end of inspiration. All this has meant though that I've also had to face up to some constructive criticism, some home truths and a few uncomfortable realities but it's these that have actually been the things that have helped it all come together. So it's not as if it all just fell in my lap one morning, I had to work hard to figure a lot of it out, it also meant me communicating and being honest with the people I love.

So here I am now, feeling like I'm at the start of a great journey knowing a lot more about what my own personal objective is, where my passion lies and what I need to be doing to get me there, not everything is obvious right now, especially the details but for first time in a long time I can really see what my purpose is not necessarily as a mother, wife or friend but as Karen and what I should be doing in this world to feel like I'm actually making a difference!

Do you know what your purpose is? How did you figure out where your passion lies? Maybe you haven't figured out all your life objectives yet? Do let me know in the comments bellow...

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  1. I love this Karen. I've been feeling the same lately. Focus on yourself and the rest will fall into place. Trust your instincts and have self-belief. Go you! x