Feel Good Friday - September Gratitude...

Friday, 27 September 2013

We are coming to end of September now and half way through a very busy two months for our family, looking back there has been some emotional lows but some lovely joyful highs and it's always nice and  good for the spirit to reflect back on the good things so here is my Gratitude List for the month...

My husband - he really has been amazing this month and I couldn't of got through with out him, he even went to the supermarket at 4am this week when I was ill in the night to get me the medicine I needed to feel better, I was in agony, couldn't sleep and he was truly my hero!

Blooms - I've had lots of flowers in the house this month, my sweet MIL bought me flowers to cheer me up on what would of been my due date on the 12th. We've had one of the charming little flower decorations place in vintage pots from my SIL's wedding and today LC choose these gorgeous yellow Chrysanthemums from the farm shop today, simple but looking lovely on our fireplace.

Celebrations - there has been so many great things for us enjoy and make the most of and I've got to spend some time with lots of special people who lift me and make some great memories! 
September Sun - we've been quite lucky down here and had lots of warm sunshine, normally my birthday always marks a change in the weather but we are still enjoy nice temperatures and long may it last.

A happy, healthy child - Although this month has been difficult fertility wise what I have reflected so much on is what an adorable, smart, funny and beautiful little girl I do have, many times over the last month when we've had to do some important things she has been our shining light, so well behaved and we are increasingly proud of her.

So how has your month been? What are you feeling grateful for? Leave me a comment below...


  1. Anonymous11:09 pm

    Lovely post! I'm grateful for coming home after long hospital stay, my husband, my cats, books, & hot chocolate :)

  2. Thank you! There is something very insightful about looking at what we have and giving gratitude, it always grounds me and helps shift a bad mood! Hope you're feeling better too!