Monday's Moment of Wisdom - Pearl Number 51

Monday, 9 September 2013

I have been sick this last week, an early autumn cold or a late summer one, anyway either way you see it believe me it was no fun and I took to my sick bed for a few days! (Although I did manage to get out again for champagne and theatre fun to celebrate my SIL's upcoming wedding!) Now that I have successfully passed my germs on to Miss LC poor love, I am suffering with another type of sickness, the broken hearted kind. You see its all a bit difficult this week, an anniversary, a moment in time I don't really wish to acknowledge or comprehend, something that should of been so different for us. Anyway, I'm going to heal my broken heart with a little help from my darling husband who shows now end of kindness and understanding and my sweet girl who is very proud and excited to be turning 3 on Friday! She is our tiny miracle and shinning light in all of this...

This week going I'm to find the strength, the courage and the power to take care of me because I know inside that with the love from others around me I will and to anyone else facing a tough week, something they would rather forget or wished was different... be kind to yourself, be patient with yourself, know that it will not always be this way.

P.S - I promise no more sad posts this month, lots and lots of lovely and exciting celebration posts coming up!

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