5 things Im doing more of this month

Friday, 6 September 2013

The other day I was in London (yes, very exciting for a work at home mum living in Somerset!) at a conference, I finished there a few hours before I was due to get my train so made the most of my time and went shopping. I found something gorgeous for LC as a present and proceeded to pay for my item. Whilst browsing in the shop one of the assistance had given me a discount voucher to use at the check out so I handed it over. "Oh of course!" Said the lady behind the till looking at the voucher "It's September now!" She started to discount the item and then turned to me and said "This is my month you know" I knew exactly what she meant and said rather excitedly "It's my month too!" She then followed this with a "Ahhh high five girl!" and put her hand up. I very awkwardly high fived her with my lack of social un-coolness and we then discussed dates, star signs and ages, I also mentioned that my little LC was also sharing this month with us and that the item I was buying would be a birthday present and left with a little happy smile on my face!

So, lovely September, my month, you are finally here! You are set to be filled with joy, a tinge of sadness (my due date was the 12th) a lot of champagne in honour of all things wedding like and some really good memories made I hope and so with out further ado here is more of what I will be doing this month...

Enjoying the ride - September is going to be a busy one, multiple birthdays - LC's is planned to be extra special (do look out for a future Pearl that will detail of the loveliness of her day!) Mine will be well, dull as ditch water, I'm spending the day on my own! (I'm just trying to make you feel sorry for me, but still!) Hen parties, Weddings, lunch and brunch dates and various other meet ups with friends, we literally haven't a day spare! Sounds hectic eh? Well my fabulous fertility specialist is working with me to just chill, not get caught up in craziness and just be present each moment and enjoy it for what it is. Practicing the art of mindfulness is so helpful for this and you can do it too by using a mediation track to listen to, here are some tracks I found on YouTube similar to mine.
Track 1
Track 2
Track 3

Looking after my skin - with the change in seasons I'm aware that my skin and completion need a bit more care once the weather changes, through the summer it's really brightened up and because I have really cut down on dairy in the last month my completion has got so much clearer, I want to keep looking my best once the temperature drops so I will be drinking lots of water still although I like the comfort of a hot drink in Autumn so Green Tea is a good alternative, try it with lemon, cranberries or my current favourite grapefruit, so refreshing! Keeping up with my Vitamin E intake by eating almonds which packed full of antioxidants too, healthy fats and an instant energy boost! With all the partying I have to look forward to I also need to make sure I get in some early nights! I also asked some ladies in the know of all things beauty and this is what they recommended:
Emma who tweets at @CymruEm said "I swear by Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum for anti-aging. I swear it keeps me looking youthful"
Lauren who tweets at @Laurenbakerblog told me "I've been recommending Raw Gaia Floral Rejuvenating Cream with Dr Organic virgin coconut oil to everyone" - products with natural ingredients too is a bonus!
Ami who tweets at @Beautyloves_ reminded of an old favourite "Body Shop body butters are great for keeping your skin moisturised so stops it from drying out in the colder weather"

Feeling happy, not SAD - With natural daylight diminishing in the mornings due to the onset of autumn lots of us suffer with our mental health because of these changes, I know we certainly do in our family, but what can we do about it? Many people swear by light boxes to help with seasonal mood disorders (SAD) and this is something Im going to look in to this year, if anyone use one I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. The NHS website also recommends eating well, sitting near windows when indoors and getting outside as much as possible in the day, so lots of autumnal walks on the beach and the country pack for us then! For more information on how to tackle this do check out their web pages on SAD.

Watching crappy TV - OK confession time! Firstly before I reveal this to you, you have to promise me won't judge me on this, ok? Promise? Uncross your fingers then! September always signals the start of our favourite TV shows and the big favourites in our house are Greys Anatomy and Supernatural - hey I told you not to judge! We have also just caught up on the Game of Thrones series, my OH is trying to convince me to watch Nashville and I am keen to start watching Once Upon time. Whether you like cheesy TV or movies or prefer something else having some down time to look forward to when the nights start to draw in can help you to feel relaxed and uplifted, what's your guilty TV pleasure? 


  1. high five for September ;)

    1. Yep, this month gets a big high five! X

  2. Anonymous9:32 pm

    Love September! Autumn begins :) Plus that's two of my favourite TV shows too

  3. Anonymous9:32 pm

    Love September! Autumn begins :) Plus that's two of my favourite TV shows too