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Monday, 2 September 2013

Today sees us into the second day of a new month and boy what a month it promises to be! September is a pretty big deal in our house because my little girl and I have birthdays this month and with in a few days of each other my nephew is also turning one in the same week, so lots and lots to celebrate!
What also makes this month special this year is that it's the start of our wedding season, I kick off with a couple of Hen Do's over the next few weekends, then my sister in law gets married at the end of the month and then on to two more weddings in October (plus our 1st Wedding Anniversary). 

That's a lot love and and celebration to enjoy in the next 8 weeks and as I watch all these people I love get ready to take their vows and start their journeys as husband and wife I find myself reflecting back over the last year at what marriage has bought me and my relationship. Although myself and the OH have already been together for 5 years now and became parents 3 years ago (can't believe I am a mother of a 3 year old!), our wedding really did seem in a lot of ways like the start of our journey together, like our love story has really only got going.

We've had our ups and our downs, some very silly and some major heart-aching ones too, we can both say there were times when we were ready to give up but we both admit that something just keeps on keeping us together and the most interesting thing, well for me anyway, is that since we've been married its all been so much easier. The relationship seemed different straight away, it's hard to described but I knew I had to take my commitment more seriously and that my relationship with this man was something to cherish, endure at times and put my everything in to, it was something worth making an effort for, not that I didn't before but I knew that in times of doubt and strife instead of feeling like we didn't fit, we needed to work together to find a way that did. Instantly this has made a huge difference to our dynamic, we no longer get worked up over the petty things and if we disagree we  talk things out or reframe our thinking until we can, we always say when we together as a team rather than selfishly against each other we are at our best.

It's still not always easy, there are still times when we rub each other the wrong way, we are still learning but marriage made all the difference to us, it made us become more serious about love and life and I hope we continue to be this successful until we are old and wrinkled.

Do you have a secret formula for marriage?
What do you think makes a relationship successful?
I'd love to hear about your wedding stories, marriage tips and relationship ups and downs so do leave me a comment below, it always makes me smile!

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  1. Anonymous10:13 pm

    I totally feel like marriage helps with fights. There is a huge bond bigger then the both of you that holds you together. Nothing is perfect and people will try to tell you that they have a perfect relationship. This is not true. Fighting is normal, ups and downs are normal. :) follow :)