Monday's Moment of Wisdom - Guest Pearl Number 48

Monday, 19 August 2013

"A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success in life".
 - Dr. Joyce Brothers

To some, the impact of fashion or simply what you are wearing, on your self-confidence may seem incredibly shallow. But I think the older I get the more I realise actually how important your self-image is on your self-confidence. Through my own experiences, dressing confidently in the morning has made a huge difference to my self-esteem.

It doesn't become about what I'm wearing, it becomes about the confidence it gives me and what this added confidence allows me to do. Lately, I've discovered that the impact of a renewed sense of self-confidence has opened up new opportunities. So where does this start? In your wardrobe.

One of the most therapeutic things you can do is go through your wardrobe and have a huge clear out. Think about the style you want to have. There is no reason why you can't have it, you just need the confidence to put it together. 

Start by categorising your clothes into the following 6 piles:

Pieces you know work for you. Fit you well and in good condition.
Put away in a box all the high season pieces. We're going into Autumn now so you could start thinking about putting the high summer pieces away. I always have a drawer for 'holiday wear' too. Bikinis, beach cover-ups, shorts, flip-flops...remember it's not like you're never going to see them again, they're just in a box.
Pieces that are too big/small but in good condition. Wash and either pass onto charity or car boot sales are a great place to sell unwanted clothes. I remember once I made a couple of hundred pounds in an hour and half just selling old clothes, bags and shoes (there was ALOT of it!)
Those trousers that you have never had taken up or that dress that just needs a dry clean? Pop it  that pile and take it all at the same time to get sorted. Instant additions to your wardrobe!
Pieces that you can't bear to be parted with but no longer wear.
The worst pile of all and will probably end up being the largest! You have to be really strong and really honest when dealing with this one. When judging each item, take the time to think about how it really looks on you. Does it fit properly? Is it faded? Is it in good condition? Even if this feels ruthless, I promise, it will be more rewarding to have 'gaps' to fill in your wardrobe than have something filling space. It's these gaps that make shopping and dressing so much easier.


Once you've dealt with all of that you should have a great selection of clothes that you can proudly hang/fold. You'll probably also see different outfits that go together that you would never have thought of before. Now you can dress in the style you want and identify gaps where you can add to your selection - making shopping alot easier.

When Karen asked me to write a post to "Inspire/Dream" I knew I wanted to write about confidence through style because it's something I truly believe in. I hope I've inspired to you take a critical eye to your wardrobe and go on to shop and dress with just a little bit more confidence.

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  1. Love this, although I dont think I have a particular style, just recently I bought a beautiful boden dress and although it is size 18, I have never felt better in that dress and the first time ever have a photo of me shared where you can see from my neck down lol. I have no clue about seasons other than when its cold put on a jumper, when its warm take it off, I also have the unfortunate joy of having psoriasis on top on my size 18 body, so choice is not always the case for me, but regardless this aforementioned dress made me feel so good, I did not care about my skin

    1. Hi Lisa, I love the fact that just buying a new dress and wearing with pride has such an impact on your self-confidence. I find it so interesting. The more I think about style/fashion (which I do ALOT of these days) the more confidence I get in my own values and thoughts. It doesn't matter about trends and trying to look a certain way. It's about how the clothes make you feel. The fact that you "don't have a clue about seasons" shouldn't matter at all. The only important thing is that you are feeling good in what you're wearing and this always show whatever you're dressed it!

      Thank you so much for the comment x

  2. Anonymous4:52 pm

    Lisa's comment above is so true, if you feel happy you look good. I think it doesn't matter what shape you are but it is about how you feel and if something makes you feel good then wear it. There is this woman at my gym and I often look at her, think she must be 70, full makeup on the cross trainer, loads of gold, perma tan and dolly parton hair albeit brown. Not my cup of tea at all but she does always look perfect, confident, happy and stylish in her own way. Brilliant post thanks!