Monday's Moment of Wisdom - Guest Pearl Number 49

Monday, 26 August 2013

 “Play is the highest form of Research” – Albert Einstein

When Karen asked me to do my 2nd guest post for her, I was so honoured, Karen has such an inspirational blog and its has just grown and grown this past year, so although I was more than happy to post again, I was more worried than the first time, I am a part time blogger, trying to fit it with running the house and chasing after my two under four year olds. 
I just could not think, what would be good for her blog, what could I speak about it that would give her blog justice.  I chose travel/explore and I mostly write about food and the kids, so I was stumped.
Then we went camping......
This got me thinking, yes kids need love, warmth, food etc but one thing that is so vital for a kid and that is to be outside.  I mean I always knew this and I also know that kids don’t play outside like they did when I was wee, well that was over 30 years ago now, but you know what I mean.
We chose to go camping as a way to get holidays without big costs of holidays abroad or hotels even caravans for that matter.  I was excited to pack up the car and head off, if you’ve read any of my other blogs on this matter you will know that this is not entirely the case, its not as quick as all that!
However, one of the off shoots and what is turning out to be the best part of camping is getting the kids out, out in the outdoors, out in all weathers, exploring, discovering, being free, well kind of free, but there is certainly a bigger sense of giving them freedom whilst in the camping environment.   On our latest trip to the most wonderful GairLoch on the west coast of Scotland, we were very near a fantastic and very sandy kids park and I let my kids go themselves to the park.
Admittedly I stood like a meerkat peering over my tent the whole time, but they could not see me and guess what, they were fine, they loved that sense of running off to the park, they came back for drinks and snacks and although I did not sit down the whole time they were there I relished watching them just be free, chatting to the other kids, getting help or helping the other kids get on and off the zip wires, swings etc.  Kids make friends so easily, even if it just for that day, or that hour.  Its just that wonderful thing that Playing give our children, confidence to include others or actively ask others to join in, because they want to share in the wonderful feeling that play give them.  They are exploring not only new areas or things to do, they are exploring in emotions, communication, laughter, how other interact and react to them and in turn how they react to others.  Nothing can be more of vital to a young ones mind, body and heart.

This got me thinking too about how, when or where do we as adult loose this sense of play?  Is it just life gets in the way? Well we should shove life out the way sometimes and jump in both feet! Play, laugh, jump on a zip wire, jump down a sand dune, tuck our skirts in our knickers and jump the waves of the sea, we all need to feel that confidence, liberating excitement that play can bring.

I am so looking forward to even more of our wonderful camping trips, watching them run wild, dance and play outside in the Jammies, play swing ball in the rain, jump down sand dunes, build sand forts, fly kites, fish, melt marshmallows, splash in rivers, jump over jelly fish and run from the waves of the sea!
Lisa is a mum of two and lives in Scotland with her husband and children. She blogs at Food and Motherhood You can also check her out on Facebook and follow her on Twitter @mrsdon

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