Friday's Feel Good, Live Better - Back to Nature

Friday, 3 May 2013

One thing I have learned about feeling low is that getting outside and moving about is one of the best things you can do for yourself to get a boost and a natural high!

When I first met my husband (it still feels weird to say that lol!) I was the least active person you could imagine but his good influence in being active has rubbed off on me. Over the last 5 years I have started to ride a bike again (although it is in retirement at the moment), exercised on and off doing yoga and aerobics - even went to the gym before LC came along, I walk places more, if I can (we live in the country so it's hard) and I've put on a swimming costume and braved the water again! All these things have encouraged me to take care of my body more but also my mind, exercise of any form really is the best medicine when it comes to depression.

So with this in mind and a sun holiday finally being booked for July I have decided to really up the amount of active time Im having, I had put on some weight from being pregnant at the beginning of the year and so with that going up and my mood going down since having the miscarriage I need to do something, plus for our whole family it's so important to teach LC the benefit of being fit and healthy, I want her to feel passionate about being active (at the moment her thing is dance!).

Now that the weather is finally getting better we have been getting outside and this is what we have been up to....

Growing our Garden
This year we are keeping it simple, we have always grown veggies in planter boxes but we are only doing Strawberries this summer, we have loads going on the next couple of months and don't have the time to give our garden much attention. we have a grass lawn at the back (that my OH is obsessed with mowing) and a concrete and gravel patio so we fill that lots of pot and planters full of flowers and put some at the back too, we are waiting to get a few more strawberry plants from our friends but LC and I have been busy planting seeds to grow a beautiful array of blooms!

Planting our seeds..
Pots are done!
Fun with Family
Getting outside and moving about can be daunting for some, I know I haven't always had the confidence to do it on my own, I've always wished I could be one of those people who slings on a pair of trainers and goes for a run! So why not rope in some family or friends for a fun, active day out! Last week we met up with Family and had the most loveliest day messing about on the river! We were on a canal boat so we were jumping on and off, pushing open bridges, winding locks, chasing after dogs and LC and walking, well to the pub for beer and wine but hey it's still walking right? It really was lots of fun, we worked together to sail the boat down the river, although my main job was to watch the little people and the dogs (which I failed at when one of them jumped in to the canal, dog that is, not child!) but I did have a go at steering the boat! Anyway the sun shone, we fed ducks, waved at cows and it felt good to be outside!

Coffee Break!

River ride with her pal

A walk in the park..
This weekend we did a bit of exploring and decided to get out enjoy the sun at one of our local nature reserves. They have a great park - with a sandpit, a big lake and beautiful nature trails and walks, we took LC's bike and football and she had the most fun running around, we saw more cows, rabbits, squirrels and more ducks, even 4 baby ducklings who were very cute and fluffy! OH and I power walked up and down the hills and took turns pushing Madame on her bike. We felt energised just by getting out and about for an hour plus it was more precious time having fun as a family!

A walk in the woods

What have you been doing lately to get out and about? What outdoor activities make you feel lifted? I'd love to hear any tips on being active! 

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  1. Wow, I don't do as much fun stuff as you but I do get a good amount of walking done as I just moved house so it takes me 45 minutes each way to get anywhere! I need to do some gardening xx