Feel Good Friday - something for the weekend

Friday, 10 May 2013

Just a quick one today! This week I've had the oddest feeling, just can't shake it, I have felt quite unsettled, on edge and just utterly exhausted. I'm wondering if its the after effects of the horrible virus I had last weekend or a bit of mid month blues, either way I know I need to be kind to myself this weekend so this is what I'm indulging in.....

Reading this...

I'm doing a bit of self help love, I'm a big fan of these kind of books, I know others can be cynical about this type of reading but I find them useful and something that will often inspire me to get out of any black hole I'm falling in to. I've felt a bit of self doubt creeping in this week so I need to nourish my self belief a bit, eating well and taking care of my body helps to give me a boost and understanding more about the crazy world of parenting will help me stay more relaxed (we are currently going through terrible twos!).

Bedtime reading

Having 15 or so minutes to actually read a real book is such a treat for me so I will be making time to do this over the weekend!


LC's little piggies with my fav nail polish!

When I have moments of feeling frazzled, physically and emotionally I always feel better when I can escape from the world, relax and invest in me. This means bubble bath, actually blow drying my hair and a DIY pedicure. Sometimes just a little bit of pampering with your favourite products helps you feel more like you again, add candles, some of your best tunes and even a glass of wine and you have got the perfect hour or two of simple, relaxing "me" time, ahhhh! 

 Wearing this...

EBay bargain
My new favorite bag, it's not a designer and it didn't cost me a month wages, in fact I won it on EBay for a fiver, but it does give me a warm glow inside! It's just my style and wearing it makes me feel like me, I find having a few items in my wardrobe that I love and that make me feel great when I wear them always helps when I'm at a low, putting on something I love just gives me an instant boost! 

Well now you know what I'm doing this weekend to feel good, what's your secret weapon to get back to being you again? What will you be up to this weekend to feel good about you?

I hope your feeling inspired too!


  1. Lovely post and something I am figuring out :) Hope you are doing ok lovely xx

    1. Thanks! It's hard isn't it? But for me it gets to a point that if I don't have a bit of time for me, then things gets a bit crazy! I'm doing well this week x