Dreaming big for my little Olympian....

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

I hadn't intended to write anything on the Olympics at alI, I am whole heartedly behind them, loved the opening ceremony and have tried to catch as much of it as I can over the last couple of days but never really felt compelled to include them in a post on my blog, that was until today.

As I sat and watched the first gold medals for Team GB being won by Helen Glover and Heather Stanning I felt an overwhelming rush of emotion, my eyes welled up with tears and I could help but be in complete awe of the accomplishment these women had made, to me they were brave, talented, amazing women who deserved their well earned moment of glory. I felt like I could burst with pride, happiness and excitement for them and I didn't even know them, I can't imagine how their family and friends must feel right now!

But there was also another overwhelming feeling or rather desire I had when watching them, and it was for my daughter to see these two truly inspiring women achieve their dream after days, months and years of hard work, focus and belief in themselves. To me they represented everything I want to teach my daughter about being a woman and living her life, it was there on the television being played out before my eyes and I wanted to show her and say "look, aren't they great, they believed in themselves, never gave up and have lived their dream and you can have all that too!"

Unfortunately my darling daughter is only 22 months old and was fast asleep in her cot when these two brilliant athletes rowed into victory and she certainly doesn't even know or understand that our country is hosting such awesome sporting event, but one day I hope to instilled into her some of the determination and spirit that we see in all our Olympic contenders.

I sure she will have some great sporting champions to look up to when she is older but I want to be a champion of Olympic proportion in her eyes too, remembering to believe in myself and show courage and determination to be all I can be is important too, I am already so aware of my influence on her and I want to do her proud! Who knows, with all the love and encouragement I hope to give her maybe I will be watching her win a gold medal one day........!


  1. This is a lovely post Karen. I completely agree, I have found myself welling up watching these wonderful people fulfill their dreams. Can you imagine the emotions their families - their mum's- must be feeling watching them achieve so much! I hope my boys live their dreams and I will always encourage them to strive for greatness!
    Aimee x

    1. Thank you! I think the most important thing we can do for our babies as they grow is to let them know that we believe in them and they can achieve their dreams no matter what they are, it's such a powerful message to send to them!