Feel good, live better.....

Friday, 20 July 2012

I'm always happier when I feel motivated and I'm doing positive things in my life, whether that's painting my toe nails or studying for my degree, taking care of my needs and being true to myself helps me to feel like I am living the best life I can.

So a few weeks ago I decided to do a bit of de-cluttering, my mind was feeling messy and unfocused and I didn't feel like I could really relax and focus at home when I needed to get things done. I looked around and realised that our house had become a bit over run with odds and ends we weren't really using and was zapping all my energies and the OH's as well!

So it was time to take action, we have been in our new house for almost 2 years but never really sorted anything when we moved as LC was only 10 weeks old (never, ever move with a new baby if you can help it!), we were still getting to grips with being parents and my PND was rearing its head a bit, after I had dealt with that I was really starting to enjoy motherhood and couldn't be bothered to sort the house when I could have fun with my baby, soon I was returning to work and when I did I became a working mum and things just got away from me.

Anyway, now I work from home and have so much more time on my hand, LC is much older and can help out a bit too, she loves to pack anything in to bags or containers so it's nice to include her and making it something fun we can do together! So where to start??? Well as the Autumn/Winter season approaches and I'm thinking about my wardrobe (seeing as we haven't seen any flipping sun this summer and my summer clothes are hanging up lonely and rejected in my wardrobe) and dreaming of my new must haves, I decided to make some room as really it's just bulging with unworn and out dated items and so was OH's and LC's.

Operation Clear Out the Closets was born and I went through each of the, although cleansing OH's was harder as he is very sentimental about his clothes??!! So I started with mine and this is how I did it.

1. Pulled out everything I hadn't worn in the last year and decided, honestly if I would ever wear it again, this was hard, kept a few items that were real favourites but most of it went. If I don't love it now I don't think I would again!

2. Then we had a fashion show and I tried on everything to see what was fitting now, thankfully there were only few items that were from my single days left over which I knew I would never, ever get into again!

3. Next I sorted out everything that I used as maternity clothing and really shouldn't be wearing now and stored it away with the rest of my maternity clothes.

4. Now I was left with my capsule wardrobe of clothing I knew I loved wearing and that fitted me, I sorted it in to skirts, trousers, dresses and tops sections and in each section grouped all the colours together as that is what works best for me.

5. Finally I put all my unwanted items into carrier bags and then called my local women's refuge, I had also sorted through LC's closet and had some bits of hers that weren't need any more too and so was able to donate it all to other women and children who may make good use of our unwanted clothing. With OH bits I donated them to the local night shelter.

Now we all have clutter free wardrobes and I can see more easily what needs to be add for the next season, we have a family holiday to Canada coming up in October and we always buy lots of clothes when we go there! Doing this has really helped me to start feeling more focused, even just one area of the house being organised and tidy has made a difference and motivated me to start somewhere else, infancy I have already cleared out a few odds and ends from the kitchen which also went off to the refuge too!

Just some of our junk ready to go to a new home!


  1. Great minds think a like! i had a wardrobe clear out two weeks ago; two bags to charirty shop, one to a friend who is expecting and one in the bin as it was full of rubbish that I just couldn't wear! The reason? No room and I'd lost weight and determind to keep it off. So very proud of my clearout; could see everything . . . . came home from work the other day to all my clothes on the floor. . . hubby had sold wardrobe!!!! Noooooooo. Now I can't get to anything!!!

    1. It feels good doesn' it?! I am only just started on the clear out, next is the spare room! X

  2. There's something really satisfying about decluttering isn't there!! We're going to be moving really soon I'm going to have to be really ruthless with my wardrobe when it comes to packing