A little something for the weekend...............

Friday, 25 May 2012

Now that we finally have some good weather, I have been trying to soak up some vitamin D and find other ways to enjoy the sun and feel good too. I have been reading up on Omega 3 oils a lot and finding out that they are really good for boosting mood and helping with depression.

 Omega 3 is a polyunsaturated fat which means it's a good one and a lack of it in our bodies can really effect how we function. The cells in our bodies are protected by a cell membrane that allows the cells to work at their best, these membranes are made of fat and by putting healthy fats, like Omega 3 in to our bodies instead of unhealthy fats we are helping to minimise any damage and ensure they keep on going and help fight off any nasty diseases, reduce inflammation and help brain function.

 One of the many symptoms of Omega 3 deficiency is low mood and depression along with dry skin and lack of sleep to name but a few. So in my quest to look after and maintain my mental health to a level where myself and everyone around me can live a fairly harmonious life I decided to up my intake of these essential fatty acids (EFA) and started to include more of the food that contained them in my diet this week like tuna and salmon.

 I was surprised and pleased to find out that Strawberries were a non-fish source of Omega 3. They are no where near as high as fish sources but still had significant levels, so with my creative hat on and feeling hot a bothered at the same time I decided to kill one bird with two stones and came up with this.....

I used some mint from the garden and oranges for a vitamin C boost and lemon for its detoxing properties, plus all the flavours combined together is a nice way to liven up any drink and the ice makes it sooo refreshing while enjoying the warm, lazy summer evenings, enjoy!


  1. I had no idea strawberries were a good source of omega three! That's fab- we are vegetarian so always looking for natural ways to increase our intake! Xx

    1. They Don't have a huge source like fish or nuts but they are still a named source of omega 3, and they are a firm favorite in our house! Raspberries are also a source too! X

  2. oooo i'm going to have to try that, looks great and simple to do x

  3. They look delicious, will have to give these a go myself! Also had no idea strawberries were a source of Omega 3, excellent news for me as i hate fish! xxx p.s what photo editing do you use? love the effect you've gone for xxx