Monday's Moment of Wisdom - Pearl Number 16

Sunday, 27 May 2012

"A woman has got to love a bad man once or twice in her life, to be thankful for a good one." - Marjorie Kinnan

And boy have I loved a few bad ones, but I won't go in to that, it's just the usual story of falling for Mr Wrong and accepting second best and letting myself being treated like poo instead of enjoying my life while waiting for Mr Right! Anyway the good news is I have him now and I am so thankful for this stubborn yet generous and caring man.

I am thankful for his kindness
I am thankful for devotion
I am thankful for commitment to me and his daughter
I am thankful for the way he wants to get so involved with every detail of her life
I am thankful for the hard work he does to make our lives better
And I am thankful for his awesome Chicken tikkas!!

I am thankful also for a hundred other things he is and can do and will be in my life, he is always by my side, coming through when I need him the most and delightfully surprising me in so many different ways, he is one of the good ones and I found him, for that I am so thankful!


  1. Awww that is sooo sweet. Lovely post x

    1. Thank you! He deserves a bit of recognition! X

  2. Aww; this is just the cutest!! I'm soo pleased you have found a good one. But you have to go through all the dross to get there. He should be honoured to feature here. I think a part 2 on how he is thankful for you is in order :-))) xxx

    1. He was really touched, that's a good idea for a guest post, lol! X