A Tuesday Moment of Wisdom - Pearl Number 72

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

"People can't imagine your potential until you show it!" - Joy Cho

Over the weekend I have had a busy but fabulous trip to London to attend Blogtacular, one of the many blogging conferences out there. This one was really for creative types who wrote fashion, craft and interior blogs and I felt a little bit of a fraud being there. However the confrence was superbly run and co-ordinated and featured some truly inspiration and got getting speakers which I have learnt so much from, I also got the chance to speak to one of my all time favourite blog crushes Joy Cho who I chatted with about babies and being pregnant with a toddler in tow (Joy is pregnant too and a second time mum to be like myself!).

I was also thrilled to hear Joy talk a few times about her experience and wisdom in blogging and the quote featured here today was a real lightbulb moment for me when she was talking to us all about blogging as a business. Not only did it really capture my imagination when thinking about the future of my blog but it really resinated with me when being inspired to live out all the corners of my life.

This week I'm challenging you all to think about your own potential, where in your life can you reveal it to the others around you and really show off who you are or what you are all about?
A job promotion or interview?
With friend or a loved one or maybe someone you admire or would like to connect with?
What can you do to show your world your talent, skills and what you are really capable of?

Does this sound like a challenge? Share your stories below! 


  1. Glad you enjoyed Blogtacular, I love Joy's beautiful blog too. I too have been thinking about the future of my blog lots recently. I'll be going back to work, following maternity leave in a few weeks and the ultimate challenge for me would be to pluck up the courage to become a full time blogger and actually get things going in the direction I would like rather than posting here and there whenever my little ones feel like sleeping ( which they don't seem to be doing much at the moment!!)

    1. It was awesome! I learnt so much about taking my blog to the next level, at the moment this pregancy is taking over my life but hopefully soon I will be able to find a bit more time, I'll have my own office to work from soon too! I would highly recommend a blogging confrence if you want to get that dream going which by the way I think you should, your blog is so lovely already imagine how fab it would be if you had more time to dedicate to it? Why not start making a plan? X

  2. You're not a fraud at all, creativity is a state of mind not a niche :) Thank you for being part of the very first Blogtacular x

    1. Thanks Kat, not only did I really enjoy Blogtacular but I took away so much inspiration, by far the best bloging conference I have been to! x