A little bit of Gratitude...

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

It's been a while since I've written a post here about the many things that are good in life and right now, with all the chaos that's happening around us I felt like it was time to scribble down all that was making smile and feeling good...

A happy kicking baby in my belly
Our family holiday in Rome on the horizon
New summer dresses for me and LC 
Fruity smoothie goodness
Playing outside instead of being stuck in
The most helpful and friendly mortgage advisor on the planet (Yes I know, more to come on this!)
Fresh hair cut
Beautiful stationary ready to go out in my new office
My mum, who is helping us out this week with lots of loose ends.

Whilst I'm struggling with a difficult pregnancy, melting in the heat and feeling frustrated with being overly tired and not being able to give my attention to my blog, my daughter and all the things need doing in around this house in the next few months, feeling useless, deflated and frustrated I know it is only temporary, I know that I am doing the important job of keeping my baby safe and I know that I've got some awesome support around me and that when I sit down for a moment and reflect, there is actually so much goodness to see if allow myself to see it. Isn't amazing what a little perspective can do?

What's making you smile this week? Sharing the gratitude shares the love :)

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