Mondays Moment of Wisdom - Pearl Number 70

Monday, 28 April 2014

With the recent passing of my Granny I have been thinking so much about life, and what it stands for.
What does my life stand for? What does your life stand for?
When we die what will they say it stood for?

I'm sounding morbid I know and for most people death and the life we have lead leading up to it is not something that's though about on a daily basis but for me this has been on my mind a lot...

When I reflect back over the years I have have such a mixture of emotions, joy, regret, proud and disappointed, and a bit of frustration thrown in for good measure. The last 5 years have truly been some of the best so far and a time in my life where I have discovered who I really am and what I stand for, I'm finally becoming someone I feel proud of, who I feel is a great role model for my children and someone who's skin I'm getting really comfy in, this is a good start to the rest of my life.

The big question for me though is what do I want to be remembered for, what will be my legacy and with hand on my heart I can tell you I'm really not sure yet however this only serves to make me feel excited and eager to keep moving forward and create something that fills my soul with passion and lifts others along the way. Once upon a time I may have felt lost, isolated or even anxious at this thought but now?
Well, now it seems like a big adventure that I'm just starting, somewhere I can finally see the way forward to, a path in my future.

Getting to grips with what your legacy may be sounds challenging and daunting doesn't it?
Are you really doing something thing or living a life that is true to you?
Today I'm challenging you to have a think about it, what do you want others to remember you for? How do you want to be know for living your life? What lasting memory would you want to leave for your family and friends? Because actually the answers to those questions are not about the future or what someone will stand up and say when you are laid to rest, there actually about how you start living your life, today...

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this today so do leave a comment bellow, thanks!

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