A little Update...

Friday, 25 April 2014

Well I'm popping on today to give a quick update and to apologise for the lack of posting around here lately! 

Firstly I am still so utterly tired from being pregnant and it's really impacting on my productivity, no one told me how hard growing a baby would be when you have one already, running around your feet!

Last week my lovely Granny past away and this has really put the brakes on any kind of normality in our lives, despite her being so poorly and really suffering with dementia it was still something that really put a cloud on the horizon and I have spent a lot time in the last 10 days reminiscing and talking with my mum and thinking about being a mother myself and the value of the life I'm leading, I am glad though that my Granny is now longer suffering and can lay her weary body to rest.

We have though, been able to lift our hearts and spirits this week with a visit to the hospital for our 20 week scan, I am thrilled and relieved to say that my lovely rainbow baby is very healthy indeed and if you hadn't guessed already by the picture, we're having a girl!

My hope now, as things start to settle and my maternity leave gets ever closer, is that I can turn my thoughts, time and creativity back to my other baby, this treasured blog of mine :) 

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