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Friday, 10 January 2014

How are we all feeling this week? It's been the first week back at it after Christmas and the New Year for many of us, although I was working all through the festive season (I'm sure you can all hear my violins!)

So this week has been an exhausting one for me, we have so many changes going on at home and these are having a bit of a knock on effect on me at the moment! How do you deal with life  and energy levels when you are met with an onslaught of life complications?

Do share because I'm in need of some pep right now!

I have managed to keep my eyes open long enough to surf the web for some great bedtime reading and want to share these lovelies with you...

If, like me, you have some littles in your life you want to inspire too look no further, this is a great place to start.

So your first week back to reality really did suck? Don't sweat it, Gala Darling has the recipe for a better one next week.

Find out why this super moon through January is setting the tone for the rest of your year to come.

Make like a cat and relaaaax this weekend.

Fancy a sweet treat to keep you comforted in the stormy weather? How to use up your Christmas goodies.

 Alexandra Frazen has 555 words to share with you on her thoughts about hate blogging.

I actually googled hate blogger forums last night and was gob-smacked to see what people were really saying about other, mostly well known, bloggers, it saddened me to read what others were writing about some of my favourite bloggers and completely puzzled me to why people would actually want to spend their time behaving in such a judgemental and toxic manner, as Aleandra points out herself, isn't this kind of energy and usage of time better spent making some noise about some of the awful things that really take place in this world, who cares where some one met their husband or how some one wears their make up when children, women and men alike are still suffering in many horrendous ways all around the world. Puts my my anxieties and insecurities in to perspective when their are other people about who feel its OK to project their bitterness, cruelty and bullying ways on to other, I wonder why they feel the need to do this? Have you read any of these forums? Do you know any hate bloggers? How would you deal with this?

Anyway Happy Friday to you all, this post has been a labour of love due to not being able to get the photo I wanted for it to be just right, I gave up in the end and used this old Instagram one of Miss LC and myself, it might not be the best quality but I love it!


  1. So funny you should post about this. Last night reading a favourite blog I saw a mean spirited comment. I felt like responding, I felt protective of this lovely lady who allows us a peep into her life & thoughts. But anger is energy sapping, obviously got to me though as here I am now! Happy Sunday, xx

  2. It's bizarre seeing this kind of behaviour isn't it? I just don't understand! Well done for not letting it get the better of you, anger is energy sapping and I'm sure the blogger let it roll off her back! I've been so fortunate as to not received any yet on my blog!