Mondays Moment of Wisdom - Pearl Number 61

Monday, 9 December 2013

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” 

Have you ever thought if I could change my job, my looks, my weight, this or that then I'd feel happier, more content or even everything would then be alright, sound familiar?

One thing I've learnt this year is not that "other things" need to change for me to find a sense of fulfilment but actually I need to change, my thoughts, beliefs and perspectives. Not that what I have or had before was wrong but it just didn't seem to fit for who I wanted to be or the life I wanted to lead.

So slowly and gently I have been challenging my view of life, looking at situations differently and I have stopped telling myself

"Everything will be ok if..." 
Or "I'll be happy when..." 
And even "Only When this happens I'll feel..".

I've gone through a bit journey lately, infact I've only really just started and what I've learnt has been life changing, sounds very dramatic doesn't it?! It's actually quite simple though, I've learnt to feel more relaxed about life, I've learnt to forgive people and situations that upset me or bring about a feeling of negativity, I've decided to view problems with a fresh outlook and hand back a little to see how things pan out and I've been able to stop putting certain things in my life on pedestals. 

Taking a new view on life and how I see myself has been interesting, I didn't know that there was so much good stuff there already and I've realised that if you take a step back and obversed more you can start seeing great things you did't quite catch a glimpse of before it's definitely had a calming effect on me and how I'm living right now.

So this week when things are going pear shaped or your getting frustrated or anxious about something in your life or maybe you come across a problem that needs solving I challenge you to have a look at this through fresh eyes, it may be scary but once you've done it you could find a new way to start doing things or thinking or feeling, now wouldn't that be exciting?

Come and share how it works out for you below....

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