Mondays Moment of Wisdom - Pearl Number 55

Monday, 21 October 2013

“The girl in the mirror wasn't who I wanted to be and her life wasn't the one I wanted to have.” 

Wow! Many a time this thought has crossed my mind, is it a familiar one for you too?

My question to you today though is, what are we going to do about it?

You can spend all the time you want looking in the mirror and reflecting back those negative thoughts, wishing, dreaming and hoping for you, for your life to be different but it won't change itself...

The only thing that can truly change it all, that can make a difference, that conjour up the life you want, is that girl in the mirror, what will she do today, tomorrow, next week or next month to make it happen?

Making a change, taking those first steps are scary but when you do it anyway and push yourself forward, believe you can achieve it, dare to dream it, truly feel it and go for what you want, no judgement, no doubt just pure passion and drive, you'll look in the mirror as start to see the life you love and that girl was the genius who created it! 

So, what are you going to do to make it happen? 


  1. Self aceptance is important, I used to aspire to things I wasn't capable of- imagining a future in a minimalist, White House....I am an untidy hoarder! It is good to have aspirations, but make sure they fit with the reality of who you are as opposed to the pages of a glossy magazine! Having accepted my faults means I like myself more, and have genuine heartfelt ambitions, rather than ones I 'think' I should have! Much happier me!

  2. It's so great that you have connected with your self in this way, it's so hard for a lot of people to truly figure out who they are what they want and what they are capable of, especially when they have feelings of self doubt and unworthiness Accepting the faults gives us more time to put our energies in to what we really want or feel passionate about. I work with so many people who want to make a change about themselves or their lives but are afraid to make that first step or expect it to happen by itself, not understanding that the true power of change, what ever it may be for them or what ever a persona personally desires, comes from with in them. Dreams are tricky thing aren't they because there is never one set way of achieving them, just keep believing it will happen!

  3. I truly believe that if you can dream it, you can do it. We've just gotta stop thinking so much and get on with it. I LOVE this post!

    1. Thanks Natalie - I couldn't agree more! Too many people spend time and energy being scarred to live out their dreams, believing they don't deserve them, as you said less time doubting, more time being brave will equal a dream coming to life!

  4. I love this. Life's too short to do something that makes you miserable!

  5. Thanks Laura, oh yes that's definitely true thank you!