Feel Good Friday - Monthly Gratitude!

Friday, 25 October 2013

Well this month has certainly gone quick for me, how about you?

This time next week it will be November, how did that happen?! This weekend will be a busy one for us so much organising to do, packing for trips away and thinking about all the things that need to be in place over the coming week, this week has been full of some surprising ups and downs and I started to feel like the universe was against me until I discovered this post by one of my favourite blogs Gala Darling, it's all about how Mercury is now in retrograde and if you feel like life has gotten crazy for no apparent reason, its a must read!

Anyway, it's time for me to reflect back over the month and take a moment to appreciate all the good and all positives that have come about...

- People who listen, truly listen to me, who take the time to understand where I'm coming from and walk life's path along side me. I have had a few good people in my life this month to help me reflect and see that actually I'm starting to feel and do really great and that I can visualise so many good things on the horizon now.

- Beauty in nature, I'm so lucky to be surrounded by so much vibrancy, LC has been potting plants for the winter with Grandma and we have some in the garden, I adore the colours of the changing leaves at this time of the year, there is even something attractive about the rain, it's still fairly warm out side and we have enjoyed some lakeside walks in our wellies and jumping about in puddles!

- The chance to explore new places, next week my husband and I are going to Edinburgh to celebrate our first wedding anniversary, neither of us have been before and are really excited to discover somewhere different, does anyone one have any recommendations or tips on places to go, things to see or where to eat?

- Even more celebrations, this month has seen more weddings for us to be a part of which has been so lovely, I was lucky enough to enjoy the most divine champagne afternoon tea with one of the brides to be in the beautiful surrounding of   Somer Lodge. There's nothing like spending time with people who you love and value and watching them start a new journey in their lives. We also have LC's Halloween party with her friends from nursery to enjoy which is serving as a belated Birthday party and as I already mentioned, our first wedding anniversary, what a month!

 What's on your gratitude list this month, what are the things that are lifting you up?


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