Feel Good Friday - What Im doing more of this month...

Friday, 2 August 2013

Well I have been anticipating this month for the last few weeks because I have a few things planned that I am hoping are going to really help me get set up for the rest of 2013, here's what I have in store...

1. Re-organising
LC has two little mini breaks coming up at the end of the month, a weekend with Granny and a weekend with Grandma and myself and the OH have made big plans to re-organise the house, clear out some junk, make our closets more ship shape and just make the general environment of our house more loveable and liveable.

2. Date Nights
Well while the little monkey is away, the parents will play! We are really going to make the most of having some weekend nights to ourselves and not having to worry about babysitters or who has to get up and take care of LC with a hangover!

3. Taking care of me
If you read this weeks Pearl of Wisdom you will know that I spent time seeing a holistic fertility specialist this week, Lucy from Catching Rainbows has is working her magic and I'm embarking on a course of hypnotherapy and life readjustment to help make more body and mind more fertility friendly, do check out her website.

4. Spending time with Friends
I have lots of lovely plan to also catch up with my friends this month, with a weekend in Manchester and a day out in Bath, as well as friends staying with us and hopefully a trip up to Worcester too. My friends know me so well and having time to share our latest adventures and gossip is so important to me.

5. Not writing 
So it's going to be busy, busy, busy and because of this I have decided to take a blogging break for the month August again, but as not to leave space empty I have asked 5 very talented and diverse ladies to fill the space for me. Over the course of the next 5 weeks these ladies are going to write post as part of my Pearls of Wisdom Guest Blogger Month, look out for a special Feel Good Friday at the end of the month too! I really hope you will enjoy these guest Pearls and discover some new bloggers to fall in love with too like I have, enjoy! 

(If anyone else fancies taking on a Feel Good Friday post for the month of August do tweet me @Karenspofw or email me at 365pearlsofwisdom@gmail.com)

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