A weekend post: being brave, making connections!

Saturday, 8 June 2013

It seems that certain themes have been flowing through my life over the last couple of weeks, healthy eating for one but also friendship and a couple of weeks ago I wrote about long standing friendships and what impact they have on shaping how you manage life's ups and downs and today I am touching on the subject of friendship again.

Normally I would of posted a Feel Good Friday post yesterday but I've spent a couple of days up North being a busy lady and having a rare chance to socialise without my husband or toddler in tow! But what was even more special about this time was the new connections that blossomed from it! So today a weekend post for you with some thoughts and inspiration on friendships new....

I was very lucky to attend the Mission2Mum Club Event on Thursday night and I was introduced to some fabulous ladies and got to look at some lovely products including Keungzai and Party Pickles (both run by very friendly, inspiring, hard working women!) A great night was had by all and our host Gemma Guscott worked really hard to make the whole event go smoothly and what a great job she did! I really enjoyed getting an exclusive look at everything there but what I came away with that was more valuable to me was new friendships. I attended the vent on my own and as I was driving there I have to admit I felt a bit anxious, obviously I knew Gemma, but no one else. I had visions of me standing alone in the corner with my virgin cocktail (I was driving) staring off in to space and looking like a lost sheep! I needn't worry because my lovely friend introduced me straight away to some very talented and easy going ladies who actually found me interesting company (I hope!) and spent more time chatting away than looking a all the lovely stuff that was on offer! At the end of the night I felt I had really clicked with the ladies I met and left with what might new friendships to enjoy in the future. Here are some photo's I took from the night, although they aren't the best, I was too busy having fun!

Reflecting back over my time away I am so glad I put myself out there, if I hadn't gone I wouldn't of found new products I love or had the chance to make some genuine new connections, it was nerve wracking and I could of bottled out at the last minute but I sat in my car and thought to myself what's the worse that can happen, I'll have a drink, look at some bits and then if no ones talks to me I can at least enjoy the fact that I got out the house in clean clothes, make up done and just had some time to myself. Anyway, I had the best time and proved to myself that you just never know what's out there waiting for you and seizing opportunities can lead to new experiences, friendships made and exciting times ahead! 

Modelling her fairy accessories from Party Pickles!
So if you find yourself in a similar situation I urge you to seize the moment and go for it, the world is full opportunities to meet new friends, you just have to let yourself be brave enough to reach out! 
I'd love to hear about a new friend in your life, how you met or why you connected, leave me a comment below! 

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  1. Hi lovely

    Good for you getting out and meeting new (like minded) people! It's one of the reasons I can't wait till next Friday. I'm so excited, but also happy in the knowledge that we have each other to fall back on if we feel a bit lost. Have you chosen your talks for Britmums yet? We must have a quick catch up this coming week if you have the time and discuss our weekend away :-) woo hoo xxx