Monday's Moment of Wisdom - Pearl Number 39

Monday, 27 May 2013

At the beginning of last week I had to face something quiet difficult and upsetting, through it all though I had a lovely lady giving me hugs, holding my hand and just generally making sure I was coping OK, despite having her own personal issues going on, she showed me the power of true friendship.

Again, this weekend I encountered it's true power when a very good friend of mine (I've written about her awesome friendship here before) and her fiancee came to stay with us. We had planned a fabulous weekend of catching up, having fun and drinking lots of Prosecco! As the weekend drew nearer something major for our family came up and we had to ask them to help us with this which would mean calling in a massive favour and it was a fairly big one so we gave them the option to pull out the weekend, but in true friendship style my lovely friend and her OH didn't batter an eye lid at the request and took on their favour with enthusiasm and gusto, she knew how important it was and willingly helped out.

I'm always amazed and so touched at some people's kindness, thoughtfulness and ability to put themselves in someone else shoes, sometimes I find it hard to understand why other people can be so dismissive of the ones around them but I know now the true power of friendship will always shine though in the ones that really, really care. Having these people around me is what gets me through the tough times and enjoy the good times even more, these are MY people! 

What has friendship shown you? Do you have people you can count on through a crisis? Has someone you didn't know well seen you through a tough spot and gone on to become a good friend?

I'd love to hear your stories on friendship, do leave me a comment!


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    1. Oh yes! Mine are awesome! X

  2. This is beautiful, Karen. I hope you sent N the link :)

    1. Thank you my lovely friend, I haven't but now you have inspired me to be brave and share it with her x