Feel Good Friday - What I'm doing more of this month...

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Well June is literally round the corner and I'm thinking lots about how I can get the best out of this month, so here are some things I will be dedicating my time, energy and thoughts to and doing more of this month!

Eating Well (and for fertility)...
The weather is promising to get a little better and I am always inspired to eat more healthily through the summer months, anyone who follows me on twitter (@karenspofw) knows that I have lost some weight lately after working really hard to get rid of what I put on being pregnant for a bit at the beginning of the year.

This has really kept me going and given me something positive to focus on, my skin has improved, I feel lighter and have more energy too and it really gives a boost to my mood, my whole family has ended up improving their diet as well, we are now a family of healthy eaters, so with a sun holiday looming I am committing myself to eating well for another month

I also want to improve my diet for fertility so, I will be:
Cutting out caffeine 
Eating more Salmon
Snacking on Pumpkin seeds
Embracing full fat milk (well a small glass a day) 
If you want to find out more about eating for fertility check out this website. To keep track of what we've been eating we have been following the Weight Watchers healthy eating plan - this is the only way I can loose weight comfortably and keep it off!

What helps you to eat well and keep healthy? Any tips?

Reading this...
I was actually introduced to the blogging world through parenting blogs, although I don't consider myself a "mummy blogger" (yes, I know I do feature my family a lot!), I do love catching up with some of them and reading stuff on parenting styles, influences, trends and opinions. It's reassuring to know that other mums are going through the same ups and downs as you and I love picking up new ideas and tips when it comes to raising my baby! One of the many favourites of mine out there is Mission2Mum written by a lovely lady called Gemma, she is stylish, so friendly and really puts you at ease in her company and is doing lots of good work supporting mums through her Mission2Mum clubs, do visit her blog for more information. I'm especially looking forward to having a girly catch up with her next week!

What's your favourite parenting blog, any recommendations? 

Me time...
I am VERY excited to be having 3 whole days in London this month to myself, yes, that's right no husband or baby, just me! I'm actually going to be hanging out with a sweet lady called Lisa (check out her awesome blog Twins, Tiaras and Tantrums) while we venture in to the world of Britmums Live together on June 21st/22nd. I know, I know I've just told you I don't consider myself a parenting blogger, but so many of the bloggers out there that I admire are and I am dying to meet them, share ideas, learn tips and just hang out. There will be loads of fun and interesting things happening at Britmums Live that I know I can take in to my own blogging experience and I am just simply thrilled to be doing something for me, as Karen not as someone's mummy or wife. I'm also going to use my 3rd night to catch up with a dear old school friend which will be exciting too, I fear the alcohol levels in my body will be high over this weekend!

Are you a blogger going to Britmums Live? What are you doing this month to get some "me time"? 

Wearing these...
This summer I have become a little infatuated with Pink, I can't get enough of it in my wardrobe and have been investing in some new pieces to wear, over the Bank Holiday weekend we took a trip to Cribbs Causeway Mall in Bristol so I could raid the rails of Gap, H&M and other such stores that I don't have the pleasure of shopping in regularly because of living in the middle of no where! I happened to discover these little beauties in H&M, in the kids section, for £7.99! Perks of having small feet! (You can read more about my small feet here)

Following on from last Fridays post, Mindfulness really is a great way of tackling anxiety and depression and it's something I don't do enough to help me through the difficult days. It can be a hard concept to get your head around and takes a bit of practice but can go a long way to helping you manage your low points. Interested? I'm not going to attempt to explain how to practice mindfulness, I'll leave it to the experts, check out this great website Be Mindful and if you're a parent suffering with, stress anxiety or depression Netmums have a brilliant information on mindfulness too. You can also practice Mindfulness Yoga here with this YouTube clip and read up more about it here.

Do you find time to be mindful? I'd love to know more on your experiences of this and all the things mentioned in this post, do leave me a comment, I love reading them!


  1. Thanks for the mention lovely. Only 22 days to go before we have some me/us time :-) I'm sure both of our alcohol levels will be higher than they have been for a while! Really looking forward to it xxx

    1. Your welcome! I am so looking forward too to our grown up weekend! X

  2. I went on quite a strict diet before getting pregnant - no alcohol, no caffeine, healthy food. I read that you should start it at least three months prior to trying. I'm not going to BritMums but hope to finally make it next year. Hope you have fun x

  3. You will be very missed at Britmums for sure! When I was trying for LC I was strict for the first 3 months, the fourth was Christmas and I drank and over indulged and that was when I got pregnant ironically! This time round I have tried everything to conceive but it has proved very difficult, I actually got pregnant again this Christmas after much over indulging again but that pregnancy was not to be and I lost in February, since then I have not been eating great, I have lost weight but I think I could do better so Im going back to a strict diet for fertility in hope that it will help!