Monday's Moment of Wisdom - Pearl Number 37

Monday, 22 April 2013

Photo by D. Cannon

I think it can be easy to fall in to the role of being a victim, I know I have done this in the past, many times and in many ways, it's easy to place the blame on to others and hold them responsible for your fears, misgivings or failures. Sometime you can find yourself in this role because someone has taken your confidence or self control away, you may find yourself stripped of a power you once possessed and this is a new place for you to be in. No matter how you find yourself here it can be tricky rut to get out of...

Victims of crime and abuse may find that a spirit they once felt, one that made them present or alive has left, that someone or something has taken this away, they feel helpless and finding that courage to move forward and break out of this patten is hard, some times impossible or just out of their reach. There are some really amazing people, organisation and books out there to help anyone who is this situation to find that courage inside again, reaching out is just the first step back to a life of being in control of you.

I think this is also true of people who are victims of their own doubts and fears that they place on themselves whether that be a phobia or a lack of self confidence, reaching inside and finding that power again can help them move forward, but it's not as easily said than done. So how do we find this courage and bring out the heroine or hero I ourselves?

Education I think holds the key, not necessarily going to school or being super smart, more like being street wise and learning about the world, investing time and energy in yourself, getting to know you, what you like or don't like, what you think is or isn't acceptable, knowing how your mind works and using that to keep going forward. I also find talking to others about your own and their own experiences helps you to learn, I am also a big fan of self help books although I know lots of people can be cynical about them. 

If you found yourself stuck in a place, physically, emotionally, mentally that caused you fear would you know how to escape, to get yourself out of it? Knowing this information and being brave enough to act on it is what turns us in to the true heroines of lives, well that's just my opinion anyway!

I'd love to know more about what encourages you to be brave in your life, are there any particular rituals, books or actions you take when you start to feel scared of what's happening around you? What would you say to someone else to inspire them to no longer be a victim?

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  1. Anonymous9:53 am

    Great blog Karen, totally agree that knowing HOW your mind works gives us huge awareness in our own situation. Being curious, asking questions and asking for support will assist our personal development and make us stronger.
    When I feel fearful I first bring awareness to it by recognising what I am saying to myself. I call it my mean controlling voice, then once I know that these thoughts are unhelpful and negative I then choose to focus on helpful kind thoughts that will help me to move forward. It has taken time, practise and support but each day gets better and I feel more confident now I know how my mind works.
    Thanks for the inspiration, really needed it today.