Monday's Moment of Wisdom - Pearl Number 33

Monday, 4 March 2013

"You can’t touch music, but music can touch you." - Unknown

We are all music lovers in our house, even little LC is developing a taste and passion for music, she's not overly bothered about sticking, painting or crafting, but puts all her creative energies in to singing and dancing and we often find her tapping her toes along to a song on the radio! In fact often when LC is a bit hyper or is acting a bit out of control there are certain songs we can put on that will chill her out and calm her down. She loves nursery rhymes, show tunes, songs of the radio and listening to my CDs in the car, her type of music that gets her prancing around the house is Motown, this really brings out her moves!

Her dad and me mostly share similar tastes in music, we can always find a common ground when travelling long journeys in the car. I'm known for my cheesy taste in music and I tease him for his love of country, neither of us have what would be considered a cool or hip preference for the latest tunes or artists but for us what we like makes us happy and we try not to inflict our taste too much on others! We all seem to find music quite therapeutic though and I often put on my favourite song when I feel down or need to find a bit of inspiration. Music is such a great way to lift your spirits, when your down, it's the best way to make exercising more fun, it can bring back happy memories and help you get through tough times, I do believe it can touch a person in such a special way like nothing else can, what kind of music or song inspires or leaves you feeling uplifted? I'd love some recommendations for something new to listen to....


  1. When the sun starts to come on I always put on a bit of Bob Marley, it just has to be done. Especially 'Could You Be Loved'! x

  2. Ahh a great summer song indeed! X