5 ways to to freshen up your mood for Spring...

Friday, 1 March 2013

Spring has sprung in our house
It's March and the the promise of longer, lighter days and slightly warmer temperatures can really motivate a girl to look on the bright side of life but if you are still feeling a bit dreary and drab try one of these or all of them to feel fresh as a spring daisy!

1. Bring some Spring in to your beauty routine and try one of these seasons new trends on nail varnish, I have bought some lovely new polish in a champagne metallic - new trend number one, and did myself a DIY two tone mani - trend number two!

2. Try out some tasty seasonal veg, my OH likes leeks but they can be a bit of a boring so I have found this lovely recipe on the BBC GoodFood website to make things interesting.

3. Date Night at the cinema! This is always on my list of mood boosting things to do, if you're single you can organise a girly night at the movies with your best pal or with Mothers Day approaching take your nearest and dearest out for a feel good film.

4. This month Easter is upon us a little earlier and a fun way to celebrate and feel good about this chocolate fest (apart from obviously enjoying all the chocolate!) is to set the theme and decorate the house! We haven't done this before but my Little Miss enjoyed this so much at Christmas I have decided to do it at Easter this year! Getting crafty can get your creative juices flowing, bringing out a hidden talent is bound to put a spring in your step! I found a little decoration to get us started at one of my local gift shops.

5. Feel good with Flowers! Spring is of course all about new life and nothing is more up lifting than this season fresh new blooms. I love the bright, cheeriness of daffodils and seeing them in little vases around my house reminds me that that new begging gas are on the way!

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