"We like to Move it, Move it!"

Friday, 15 March 2013

Her biggest jump!

One LC's favourite films at the moment is Madagascar, her Daddy has taught her to sing the song the Lemurs sing and she dances round the living room singing and prancing about in fits of giggles! Dancing and singing is her thing, it makes her so happy (her other favourite thing to dance to at the moment is the theme tune to Fraggle Rock, remember that?! She calls them Muffin Pups for some reason, so if you hear anyone of us going on about Muffin Pups you know where it's come from -anyway, I digress...), she goes to dance classes every week and she just gets such a thrill from being active and expressing herself!

I thinks she's on to a good thing here, being active is so good for us, keeps us in shape, gives us a medium to express our emotions and helps keep away the blues, so with this in mind after the emotional days that have reared themselves this week yesterday I decided that we needed to get out and about a bit, all house work was abandoned and Little Miss and me had all the fun that was to be had at soft play, she ran around jumping, bouncing and tumbling off everything and I ran around after her, it was good for me, we had a lot laughs together and I felt in good spirits and she got the attention she deserve from me. We were both exhausted after and it broke my heart having to wake her up when she fell asleep in the car on the way home.

I forgot how moving about has such a positive impact on me ESPECIALLY when times are tough and I'm struggling a bit, it's a important feel good tip to remember - get yourself up and "Move it, Move it" when things aren't going your way, it really does help!

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