Do you have a plan?

Thursday, 11 October 2012

I never used to, the OH and I always clash because he is Mr Organised with lists, maps and emergency plans B,C and D! I have always been officially known as Miss fly by the seat of her pants, causally wandering through every chore, task and event in life with a "oh well, it'll get figured out" attitude! But recently I have been looking around and wondering, why aren't I satisfied, why can't I mange to stay on top, get things done, really achieve what I want?

The OH describes me and my way of getting through my day as random! Normally I would just ignore his silly musings but this one struck a chord and left me wondering why this was and what could I do about it? So after admitting that he had a point and wanting to get more out of not just my day, but what I was trying to achieve generally with my life I started look in to this problem and do you know what I found? Successful people who achieve and are satisfied with their lot in life are organised, they actually plan!

So with this in mind I have set about doing something different with my daily "routine" and made a positive change. Now this is no easy task, as adults we have all this learnt behavior and changing our attitudes and habits is tough, it takes energy and commitment and being open minded enough to admit that what you are doing can be done differently and better. But looking at what I wanted to achieve and what my goals for the future are, what I was doing just didn't work.

Over the last couple of weeks or so I have read a few things have helped me a long the way - an article about a busy and dynamic woman who runs her own business and has children, she makes lists, creates spreadsheets and organises her tasks all to keep her home and family life running smoothly. I have also read about other women carrying around notebooks in their bags to write down ideas and things they want to get accomplished, so simple! I used to work for a busy doctor who had shifts all over the place but her family always had a great home cooked meal because very week she planned out a menu, stuck it on the fridge, bought everything she needed in one go! Again so simple and easy!

I for one can get easily distracted and some times wonder from my well intentioned planning or to do list (see being random!) I recently read a blog page about achieving your goals which suggests that instead focusing on the long term goal, get stuck in on how you will get there, for example every week I want to empty my ironing basket, yes I am one of those stupid people who likes to iron clothes, but sometimes I look at the pile and can't be bothered or I get up and think right I'll get it all done today, but things get busy and I can't find the time. So instead I now pledge to myself that I will just make sure LC's stuff gets done or I will find just half an hour and that way something gets done!

My friend gave me a good idea too, she always changes her sheets and shaves her legs on a Sunday, it's now become a habit of mine too, it always gets done! I find dedicating certain time slots really works too, for example Wednesdays I am home alone so I always use that day to recycle, do paper work and clear out the clutter! There are loads of other new ideas I have adopted and I really am committing to forming some new habits because planning, making lists and staying organised is really working out for me, even just by making small changes I feel more in control and that makes me feel great, in fact I am even making a packing list for our holiday, see I am a changed woman!

I use a Chalk Board to keep me organized!
Here are some handy tools and resources to help you on your way to organised greatness!

Fun and cute To Do note pads

Downloadable and print off To Do lists

To Do/Get Organized Apps (My personal Favorite!)


  1. I really want a cute chalkboard for my kitchen so I will remember to write things down when we run out and I think it will make me meal plan more

  2. Mine was fairly cheap from Amazon, it has magnetic strips on the back so it fixes to the fridge!