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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

..... 20 minutes for 20 days!

I have decided to be brave and post about my exercise intentions! This way by going public I am hoping I will stick to it!

Since having an operation last week I am limited at the moment when it comes to keeping fit, I am almost back to my old self but still waiting for stitches to go and I know I have to still take it easy for a bit before I can start doing any thing vigorous.

Feeling a bit frustrated by my limitations but wanting do something I have come up with 20 minutes for 20 days, my intention is to walk for at least 20 minutes over a period of 20 days (although they won't be consecutive as myself and the OH have a child free weekend to Amsterdam in a couple of weeks!).

Day 1 is tomorrow and I hope to finish on September 1st as this marks the first of many weddings I am attending over the next year and I want to look even better as each one comes along! With a four day break in the middle this, by my calculation adds up to around 20 days!

So I am intending to report on my progress, my ups and my downs and hopefully achieve my goal by the end of it! Wish me luck!!

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