Monday's Words of Wisdom - Pearl Number 18

Monday, 2 July 2012

"Celebrate what you want to see more of" - Thomas J. Peters
And celebrate we will and there are many reason too which makes it all the more exciting. Over the next year we our family has a lot to look forward to, new life, tying the knot, twice! Holidays abroad, catching up with old friends, new beginnings and happy endings. These are some of the lovely things that we and our friends and family are going to be revelling in and celebrating as the next 12 months unfold.

This weekend marked the start of some of the celebrations to come. OH and I left LC with her Granny a drove to Manchester to stay with my brother and his OH. We spent some quality time with them, eating out and enjoying some yummy food and wine and doing a spot of shopping too, we indulged LC in her Hello Kitty Obsession a bit more by buying her another for her collection and my brother got her these cute macaroons from the local market. We caught up on all their plans for their upcoming nuptials in December and also celebrated some matches made in heaven at my friends engagement party too! Lots to celebrate already!

We also decided to book flights to go back to Canada for Halloween which we are VERY excited about and spent the rest of the weekend planning and rejoicing in all the fun we will have when over there as LC gets to spend time with her godmother too!

We feel so blessed for all these reasons to celebrate and there are still so many exciting events coming up in the next couple of months too. This last year has been one of the darkest I know, not only for me but the people I love around me and it has not been nice experiencing personal loss as well as grieving for the upset and heartache of other around me.

Now feels like a special time, a start of a new chapter to be merry and full of joy, to celbrate life, love and the world around me, it is more of what I want to see and believe me I'm going to celebrate the hell out of it!! 

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  1. Cannot WAIT. Walking around TO, I can't help but think "LC will love this! Will she want to do this? Is she old enough for that?" etc etc...