"Oh your baby is wearing a necklace!!??"

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Well I wanted to do a post about Amber Teething beads, I have had many people lately ask me about them, new twitter friends, old Canadian Friends (as in how long I've known them not age!) and even colleagues at work so I thought it would be something that might be of interest to others?

The beads in the picture are my Little Cutie's next size up to wear and I have got both this one and the one she wears now from Little Acorns to Mighty Oaks as they sell genuine Baltic Amber and give great advice on how to use them and care or them.

My "LC" has worn hers since 8 weeks old and I did get lots of interesting comments about her wearing it, especially from my health visitor who now sings their praises BTW! I was always having to explain what they were and that they weren't for chewing but instead how the amber is warmed by the skin and releases its oils to be a natural anaesthetic when teething.

Interestingly enough I have known some mums who also claim that they help with pain relief for the little ones generally and how they have helped when their baby had their immunisations, I too can say that my Little Cutie has never suffered when she had hers, but of course this is all just anecdotal and unfortunately there hasn't yet been any official research into whether amber beads work or not. However we are big fans and have known lots of mums and babies try them on our recommendation and sworn they were life savers!! You can also buy them as as bracelet or anklet too on other websites, just be sure they are genuine thing!

Have you tried Amber Teething Beads? What did you think?


  1. Wow I've never even heard of these before. What sort of age are they best for? I'm worried that my 18 month old would pull it and break them. xgx

    1. You can use them from 8 weeks old! My little one is 18 months old and isn't bothered by them, the baby ones aren't really long enough to get in the way. She has worn them from very young so she is used to them, you could try a bracelet?

      x x x