Reflections on my new years resolutions

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

(This is obviously not a recent pic of me, no champagne for this pregnant lady!)

We are now half way through the year and today I decided I wanted to reflect back on my New Years resolutions, before I even re-read the post I made at the beginning of this year I knew what I had written would be so off the mark of where we are now - my excuse for not making ones that are relevant or achievable? I had no idea I was pregnant at the time!!!

The crafty ones I've set, well, with morning sickness and extreme tiredness it's was never gonna happen!The reading and learning ones, honestly, I've not had the time to dedicate to this, partly due again to pregnancy symptoms and ailments. However there are some that I have been able to stick too and I am pleasantly surprised that they've not all been a wash out!

I am proud to say that I've been saving, not consistently with amounts but as much as I can each month. Mindfulness, grace and gratitude have all become something that's very present and at the forefront of my life this year, I have gotten through some anxious and worrying times because of it. I haven't taken Miss LC to London or do I have any plans to this year but I did take myself! My trip was for Blogtacular and because of this brilliant blogging conference I was able to improve and lean more about my writing and photography skills so I feel like I've kind of nailed those ones.

Lastly the biggest, most important and life changing resolution that sat at the end of my New Years list was to find a new home for our family and goodness me that has happen in a crazy, spectacular and very unexpected way and now we are embarking on this journey, packing up our lives here in Somerset and moving up to Worcestershire in the next 5 weeks, 3/4 weeks before little Miss Cannon number 2 is due to make her appearance in to this world!

In the bigger picture I'm happy with what I've achieved this year, in fact I'm bloody over the moon, never ever did we think we would welcome another child in to our lives, it was starting to look hopeless and resolutions or not we've already made the impact we wanted in our lives for 2014, and who knows, the year isn't over yet, maybe I will make matching tulles skirt for me, LC and the new baby!

Did you make resolutions? How are doing? Or maybe you think their a waste and have found other ways to make this year your best so far, I 'd love to hear so do share below!


  1. Ah, good luck with everything!! Xx

    1. Thank you! I think we will need it to make sure everything flows in the right order, here's hoping for a fairly smooth transition! x x