Monthly Gratitude...

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

I try to find time each month to write a post about gratitude, it feels sometimes like we focus a lot on what's going wrong doesn't it? So by reminding myself about the positives I have a chance to give thanks for all that is right - it also helps my cluttered mind to keep some perspective too!

So as July is coming to an end in the next week here are some things I am grateful for this month...
* Finishing work for maternity leave to start
* Beautiful sunshine, flip flops and discovering these yummy fruit cordials (my favorite right now is their Ginger Beer Presse over ice and fresh mint!)
* Old friendships being renewed
* Some space and time to write down my dreams, ideas and goals
* My growing bump (although this does make things like painting toenails, putting on shoes, driving and getting comfortable at night a little awkward now!)
* How well my gorgeous big girl is coping with all the changes
* My mum, who is literally super granny to all her grandchildren right now!
* The wisdom and insight of others

Actually writing them down really helps it to sink in, keeping a gratitude diary is so helpful too, I write things on the pages of my diary to remind me what I'm thankful for and to try to stay balanced. Could this be something you might try next month? Here's how to get started:

* If you don't already have one, buy a fun, pretty or funky diary - all the new accademic ones are out in the shops right now, or maybe just a cute little notebook. I love these ones from - they ship to the UK too!

* Choose a pen in a bright colour, I find that writing my gratitude notes and thoughts down in coloured ink helps them to stand out and stay in my mind, especially if I'm writing down other notes or appointments.

* Decide whether you want to write down daily, weekly or even monthly gratitude note to yourself.

* Set aside some time each week or month to go over your thoughts, ideas and doodles!

* Lastly - just get started, go on, try it out and see how you feel! 

Don't forget to share here too your monthly gratitude and let me know how or if writing them down made a difference. 

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  1. Oh my goodness! There's a maternity leave happening? YES!!!!!!!