Feeling Good Friday - That feel good feeling again

Friday, 21 February 2014

This week is the first in ages that I have actually felt like myself (you may notice I'm on a little blogging break, all will be revealed soon) I can slowly feel the old me, the good me creeping back in and it's been a relief. Now that she's starting to come through to the fore front again I've started to get back to reality and engaging in life and it's been quite a pleasure!

So with all this in mind, a few things making me feel refreshed and putting a smile on my face...
  • I had a look back at my New Years post for this year and realised that some of those resolutions will have to be on hold for a bit, but also it leave some space for new ones, this has got me excited! How are you doing with yours?
  •  My days have gone all to pot so this post on morning routines Nicole Belanger's Blog and this post on being more productive in the afternoons from the I Done This Blog have helped me get back on track, thanks guys!
  • The sun has been out a lot this week down here in the south west of the UK and I'm feeling grateful that we haven't been too effected by all the awful floods, my heart goes out to those who have, lets hope life gets back to normal for them soon. 
  • Nectarines, I'm simply obsessed by them! High in Vitamin A and C, full of fibre and potassium too, this recipe for Nectarine Cobbler sounds delicious....
  •  Writing, I'm starting to write again, notes in my diary, memos in my journal and ideas on to any piece on paper I can grab to hand. It feels good to be brainstorming and getting creative once more.
 What's your week looked like? What's putting a smile on your face, do share below!

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