Feel Good Friday...What I'm doing more of this month.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Following on from Wednesday's post, I am starting to think more about what I want to put my time and energies in to this month to make the most of it and feel good about myself. Now that our crazy time is over, obligations to others have come to an end and we can finally breathe a sigh of relief that we can slow down again I'm really wanting to spend November doing some things that I love.

I'm always making promises to myself to read more, my husband will tell you of his despair at my ever growing pile of books on my bedside table, now that I do have a bit more time for me again I definitely want to invest it in reading books, my two must reads are Blog Inc by Joy Cho - I'm sure some of you who are bloggers may have already read or heard about this book, if not, do check it out, it's simply brilliant! I'm also going to be reading Stay Calm and Content No Matter What Life Throws at You by Cat Williams look out for a review coming soon on the blog.

Drinking Hot Chocolate...
This time of the year really makes me feel like indulging in some comfort and Hot Chocolate is a big one for me! This year LC has also gotten a taste for it and loves hers with all the trimmings of whipped cream and marshmallows, we even sprinkle chocolate on the top, so delicious! 

This week I came across an amazing blog post at Cashmere and Cupcakes her recipes for homemade Hot Chocolate and marshmallows looks to die for and I'll certainly be giving it go myself.

Cosy nights in and date nights out...
Since the OH has been away in Germany on business for the last 9 days and then our trip to Edinburgh before hand we have gotten behind on our favourite TV programmes so Im looking forward to a lot of catch up TV whole snuggled on the sofa with him, with glass of wine in hand!  

Although we've had numerous weddings over the last few months, it doesn't seem like we have had much exclusive couple time together, our trip last week was fun and it was great being just the two of us but we spent a lot of time rushing about catching planes and doing touristy things, truth be told we didn't get much time to wind down just the two of us so a few date nights to look forward to is just the remedy for this - I'm thinking a trip to the movies and dinner at one of our favourite hang outs, perfect!

Planning for Christmas...
Yes I said it - the "C" word! Now that Halloween is over I can finally turn my attention to the festive season although I am resisting it a little. We have had a few conversations about our plans this year, what we want to buy for LC and each other and I have booked tickets to the Panto (LC's first ever!) and Breakfast with Santa! My mum and I have decided to do a present shopping day together and hopefully get it all done in one lot but there is still so much to think about so I'm sure in the next few weeks I will get out a pen and paper and write out a good old fashioned to do list. Lovely Laura at My Pollyanna has also been thinking about Christmas planning this month, head on over to see what's at the top of her list.

So there it is, my top priorities for the coming weeks, I hope I've given you a bit of inspiration?
I'd love to know what's on your reading pile this month or maybe you could recommend a great date night movie. Do you have a winning Hot Chocolate combo you want to share or maybe some great tips on being organised through the Christmas season, if so do share in the comments bellow...


  1. Great plans for the coming weeks, Joy Cho is amazing!
    Enjoy your cosy & date nights xx

    1. Thanks Amanda! I shall be all systems go on the date night planning this week! X x