Mondays Moment of Wisdom ~ Pearl Number 43

Monday, 8 July 2013

 Last Thursday was the 4th of July, well known across the world as American Independence Day but for my OH and myself it holds a different special meaning, its the anniversary of our first date...
I always tell people about how I almost stood him up, I had text-ed him a few times early evening pretending to be running late, hoping he would cancel but instead he went to the pub with his friend to kill time and said not to worry, he would wait, so at the very last minute I talked myself in to going, I went because we were introduced by my brother's best friend and I was worried that she and my brother would be mad at me for being rude and standing him up so I got in my car and drove across town, I didn't even change out my work clothes telling myself it's just for an hour and you can then go home.
Well, thank god I was pleasantly surprised because actually he turned out to be someone who I had an instant connection with and that connection has grown stronger and deeper in the last 5 years, I remember thinking the next morning "OK, everything in life is going to be alright now with him around!" I couldn't of been more right!

So Thursday night LC went to Grandma's for a sleepover and we decided to go to a lovely pub we are fond of in the next village, OH convinced me it was walking distance and would take us 15 minutes tops if we cut through the fields, now he couldn't of been any more wrong! He is a snippet of our little adventure...

A friend we met on the way
Trying to get over as elegantly as possible
A mighty Oak
Facing the long road ahead together
The big lake we had to walk around to get back home...
...and through the corn
Although it actually took us 50 minutes there and another 50 minutes back, despite some of our neighbors that we saw in the pub telling us about a shortcut before we set of home, we had so much fun trying to find our way through the fields and down the lanes, we laughed and climbed, held hands and really enjoyed being together, just us! It was great just doing something so laid back and relaxing together, we didn't need a fancy restaurant, lots of champagne or big grand gestures to reminisce over how special and important our relationship is, just a bit of time together and a little adventure to make you smile, it's good to remember that sometimes it can be the simple things in life that inspire you to keep on living and loving.


  1. Love this. I too nearly didn't go on my first date with hubby. It's lovely to just spend time together, too many people miss the point and try and out do others with going fancy places. Being together is the idea (sounds like you had a lovely time).

    1. Exactly, it was the perfect evening and we just laughed and laughed so much! Simplicity really is the key sometimes, and of course good company too! X

  2. Happy dating anniversary!
    Looks like a lovely route you took, love the photos

    1. Thank you! It's all the back lanes and fields between our village and the next, so easy to get lost though! X

  3. Aw what a lovely evening, happy anniversary to you both! Xxx

    1. It was great and the weather was glorious thank god with all that trekking about! X