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Monday, 1 July 2013

Happy Canada Day!

It's July 1st, Canada Day, the day Canadians celebrate their country uniting as one under the British Empire, did you know that Canada was still part of the British Commonwealth? Well anyway, most people who know us well know that Canada holds a special place in our hearts, and that hopefully we may be celebrating this day in Canada itself next year if plans go our way...

The beginning of this month is also a good day for reflection, it marks a half way point through the year and an opportunity to look back at resolutions made at New Year, so here goes!

"Tell everyone what you want to do and someone will want to help you do it"
 - W. Clement Stone

1. Add more fruit to my diet and reduce sugar intake.
Well I'm actually doing a good job here, I'm eating more fruit in the day and have cut down on sugary snacks a lot, I have the odd blip but am mostly maintaining - yay!

2. Visit the park more with LC so we can both run around and get some exercise.
I am ashamed to say that this has not really taken off, BUT we have discovered a new park this year that we love in the middle of an urban country park fairly  local to where we live called Nine Springs and we try to visit it as often as the weather allows us.

3. Improve my blogging skills and learn to customize my blog.
Hmm, well I have discovered a few tips and tricks but not as much as I hoped, this is definitely something I will be focusing on for the next 6 months (If anyone has wise words to share do leave me a comment below!).

4. Have a family weekend away and a "me time" weekend in London
So no family weekend away yet because we have decided to go one better and book a family holiday in Portugal, this is coming up in the next few weeks and is much needed! As for a weekend to myself in London, well only last weekend I was thrilled to attend Britmums Live and spend some time in our nations capital all by myself, it was bliss!

5. Learn more about Aromatherapy
Something else I haven't achieved so far, so something else to add to the list of things to focus on.

6. Make Wednesday night my reading a real book night
What I didn't know when I wrote these was that two weeks later the organisation I worked for would go through a consultation and redundancy period which would see us all having to re-apply for our jobs, I was lucky enough to keep mine but my working hours changed, I now work Wednesday evenings, glued to my computer, as soon as I'm done its a bit of vegging in front of the TV with some tea and then off to bed, so I am now officially making Tuesday nights my read a real book night.

7. Take my husband on a secret weekend away
Much to my husbands dissapoinment, this has not happened yet, but the year is not over yet!

8. Save 5% of my wage every month
Yes and no, some months I have managed this and others I haven't, I must try harder...

9. Start Reflexology sessions to help me destress
I've only had two so far but they have been great, I read somewhere (I don't remember where) that reflexology can help with miscarriage so when I had mine I spoke to a close friend/family member who knows about these things and she highly recommended it, she has now treated me herself and will hopefully do a few more sessions through the year. I can't say enough good things about it really and it's also very well know to help with infertility too - bonus!

10. Make and sew LC a fairy costume
Nope, not even come close, unless you count the new fairy wings and wand I bought her last month, I do really want to learn to sew something for her myself though, recently I found a great craft book I had forgotten  I had which has tutorials for making skirts for little girls so may have a go with one of those instead.

11. Enjoy making memories with some new friends
YES and in a big way! I have met some amazingly talented and sweet ladies so far this year and feel blessed to call them my friends, I have become very close to a few lovely ladies back home where I grew up who I have recently had the pleasure to get to know. I have also put many faces to names at Britmums, spent time with some brilliant women who have shared laughter, tears, fashion and blogging tips with and left knowing I have made some true friends for life!

12. Submit our visas applications to Canada
We are getting there, its a slow process but things are coming together, we have taken our EILTS tests and passed (thank god!) and my OH is working hard to organise all the papers, references and bits and pieces he needs to have together, hopefully it will happen soon!

So there you have it, somethings I am surprised at, others I am disappointed at, but I'm proud of a few too. I guess I need to keep working hard and striving to take control and make my life all it can be!

Leave me a comment below and let me know how you have done too...

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