Easter Tree

Friday, 22 March 2013

I have never ever let LC do craft at home, the odd bit of play dough of controlled baking but usually the thought of messy play just simply stressed me out, she gets to do lots of it at nursery and comes home proudly with all sorts of creative masterpieces so I wasn't harbouring too much mummy guilt.

But this year I decided that it would be fun to decorate the house for Easter, just like we did at Christmas, she got such a kick out of the Christmas decorations this time that I thought it would be nice for her to have the house decked out again, the last couple of months have been tough for this family and she deserves to have some fun and celebrate, I thought it may encourage lots of quality family time too and so we started out with this by turning off the TV and getting out all the craft bits I'd saved up over the last year ( just incase I got brave and let her do it) and we had the most fun together painting, sticking, cutting and just chatting between the two of us. as I said I'm not one to normally get crafty at home but I also felt it would be good for me too, to put my mind in to creating something and sometimes when life does a funny turn on you isn't it good opportunity to try something different?

So here is how it happened....

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